Saturday, January 9, 2016

A late New Years! Part 1: Predictions

Hey all!

Bailey here with an old tradition a few days late... our new years predictions, resolutions, and goals!

This post turned out way longer than intended so I decided to split it into 2 parts.

Brady's predictions include a new side world (perhaps branching off of everyone's favorite world of Wysteria) and a new world in the 3rd story arc, following Grandfather Spider's footsteps after that big Polaris reveal. As for Pirate101 Brady has little hope of a major but did predict the next main Wizard101 world would be Valencia or Monquista, which would mark the first time a world went from Pirate101 to Wizard101.

While Brady's predictions for Pirate101 are bleak, or nonexistent, mine are quite a bit more grim. My prediction for Pirate101 in 2016 is that we either get something really good, or really bad. The last time Pirate101 had a major land expansion was Aquila in May of 2013, over 2 years ago. The last maintenance for Pirate101 failed to solve a major issue in their newest activity, ranked PvP, which was implemented in August 2014.
That's no new world in 2 years and no new activities in 1. Pirate101 isn't going to go on for much longer I fear, because servers are expensive and if people stop trafficking them then what's the point?

However for Wizard101 my predictions are much more delightful and closer to Brady's.
New World for sure, but if it's a side world or a story world remains to be seen. In recent years we have gotten one world per year but the placement of this year's major world update makes me wonder if that production schedule is shifting towards a 2 year cycle since Polaris was an 8 month cycle (according to the producers letter for December).
I fully expect more Rise and Destroy crossovers, such as the Frankie Forearms  in the coming new year.

As for Rise and Destroy I fully expect that to become a major focus for KingsIsle in the upcoming year. It seems to already be trending that way with the downfall of Pirate101 maintenance. 

Stay tuned for Part 2: Goals and Resolutions

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