Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Grandmaster, Giant Casting, Gal!

It's very humbling to say that I've made it further as Diana than I ever did as Aaron Duskriver. Around this time as Aaron, I had gotten bored of the game: mainly due to the Death School's playstyle, the lack of people to help me in troubling dungeons, and overall the experience. However, without a doubt Diana has been so much fun to play, and I will continue to play her until far into the future. An Ice Wizard's playstyle is so unique to the game that it keeps it fresh and interesting. On top of that, the newly added "Team Up" function is phenomenal for help and aid in tough dungeons. Hall Monitors have kept the community nontoxic, which is great because now I feel that Wizard101 has one of the top (if not the best) MMORPG communities.

Sam and I have gotten through the first arc of Dragonspyre and plan on finishing the second arc soon. We're excited to take down Malistaire and quench the wrath of the Fire Titan. Besides that, Diana has been busy at work aiding Grandmother Raven in Wintertusk. 

Here's to the first 50 levels, and hopefully the next 55!

Diana Dreamweaver, Grandmaster Thaumaturge

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