Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night (More Like Sunday Morning) Rants #2

Hello, fellow wizards and pirates! Welcome to Saturday Night Rants brought to you by The Stormed Youth and Jordan Seadreamer. The Stormed Youth has been a wee bit busy so you'll have to deal with me (and only me) today.

Today, I would like to complain about packs. At first, I thought they were a great idea and would really bring more interesting items in game. The idea of spending crowns on these little suckers seemed well worth it, especially for the chance to earn rare items. Soon, more and more packs were being released in the Crown shop and when they started offering other items such as permanent spells everyone went crazy for them.

 And people still do go crazy for packs. But the idea of spending all your Crowns on them is no longer very appealing and over time the rare items you have a chance of getting have been harder and harder to obtain. Now, packs have been introduced to Pirate101 and everyone is crazy about them. Surely, they will become the thing to spend your Crowns on. Sadly, KingsIsle will probably continue releasing more and more and maybe Pirate101 will be in the same boat as Wizard101.

For all the good things the packs have brought to the game, they have also brought bad things. How many people do you see in the Commons begging unknown people to gift them packs? People are having a hard time controlling themselves and once they buy one they just can't resist the temptation of buying more. It's kind of like people who are obsessed with gambling. They gamble, they lose, but they can't help buy gamble again. I've seen people spend 120,000 Crowns+ and get nothing significant. While it may be their fault that they continued to purchase with the risk of not getting anything valuable, KingsIsle is still partially to blame. The packs are pretty much encouraging kids to gamble. How are little kids supposed to know that they're throwing away their Crowns and that they might not even get what they want? I had to personally train my brother and tell him that he must not blow all his crowns on packs and that he should put a pack buying limit.

Packs wouldn't be such a problem for some people if there were an option to disable yourself from buying packs from the Crowns shop. If parents so desired, maybe they could disable the option of buying packs (or any other items for that matter) in the Crowns shop for their kids to show them that they need to learn to have control over how much to spend/buy. When they do show positive behavior, allow them to buy 2, maybe 3.

Even though there's a bad side to packs, there's always a good side. There's new mounts being introduced into the game, and packs are encouraging people to buy Crowns which in turn allows KingsIsle to make a profit and pay for server maintenance and other important necessities that allow KingsIsle to continue expanding Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Would you like to share your opinion on this matter? Sound off in the comments below! Make sure to keep your comments relatively anger free though.

Until next Saturday,
happy spiraling!