Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progress, I say!

So hey guys! It's been awhile hasn't it! Well I am so glad to say that I am back from my rabbit hole and here to talk to you guys about my Pirate101 fanfiction!

The Red Baron:

My concept for this story was to sort of include all of The Red Hunter's main story line while still having that custom conflict that Red is going through. This is his story. It tells of him when he was a child being sent off to his uncle's to live. His uncle was the commander for the one-hundred and seventy-ninth regiment of the Marleybone Royal Navy. Red lived with his cousin Gruesome Oliver, and they became as close as brothers. One day however, on a trip back from Krokotopia for a supply run, they found a stowaway. After a long quarrel, the stowaway identifies herself as Reckless Elizabeth. Her and Red bond greatly, and become best friend. When they both went with Gruesome Oliver and his uncle to go to a diplomatic supply run to Skull Island, they get bombarded and raided by the Armanda. All of them are taken prisoner and taken away into different parts of the Spiral. Finally, after long last, Red, Liz, and Oliver are rescued at the hands of Captain Avery. After they settle down in Skull Island, Red and Liz go to stop the Armanda, while Oliver says that he's going to go his own way in order to track down and find his father, which is Red's uncle.

This is the basics of the first few chapters, what do you think? I should have the first chapter done by the end of November!

Leave a comment on what you think! Thanks!


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