Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shadow Reviews: James Bond: Skyfall

First of all 4 of 5 stars.
Honestly, loved it to death. Until the end. Then it got a little Home Alone-ish with the rigging of the house to explode and crap. Then basically crap happens, the bad guy dies (Spoiler Alert) M dies, and Bond lives to fight another day.

Plot of every James Bond movie ever. Explained.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unfortunate News

I have really bad news. My dad has Diverticulitis (basically stuff goes outside his colon) so I won't be able to post (And I was actually planning on posting a new series soon)....

On the bright side I might be able to stream more often and I might introduce my dad to video games so yay for Storm's Dad being turned into a gamer, weather he likes it or not.

So yeah, just a short post explaining whats going on in my life.

[Firezilla Update]:  I also have some stuff going on in my life, which makes my life extremely stressful. I won't be able to post for a while as well, until these issues subside. However, I will be streaming as well, and I will be letting you guys know when on the blog!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progress, I say!

So hey guys! It's been awhile hasn't it! Well I am so glad to say that I am back from my rabbit hole and here to talk to you guys about my Pirate101 fanfiction!

The Red Baron:

My concept for this story was to sort of include all of The Red Hunter's main story line while still having that custom conflict that Red is going through. This is his story. It tells of him when he was a child being sent off to his uncle's to live. His uncle was the commander for the one-hundred and seventy-ninth regiment of the Marleybone Royal Navy. Red lived with his cousin Gruesome Oliver, and they became as close as brothers. One day however, on a trip back from Krokotopia for a supply run, they found a stowaway. After a long quarrel, the stowaway identifies herself as Reckless Elizabeth. Her and Red bond greatly, and become best friend. When they both went with Gruesome Oliver and his uncle to go to a diplomatic supply run to Skull Island, they get bombarded and raided by the Armanda. All of them are taken prisoner and taken away into different parts of the Spiral. Finally, after long last, Red, Liz, and Oliver are rescued at the hands of Captain Avery. After they settle down in Skull Island, Red and Liz go to stop the Armanda, while Oliver says that he's going to go his own way in order to track down and find his father, which is Red's uncle.

This is the basics of the first few chapters, what do you think? I should have the first chapter done by the end of November!

Leave a comment on what you think! Thanks!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revived "Series" #1: Xtra Games!

Hey guys!
     So if you have been reading this blog before our break, you probably remember us having a separate blog dedicated to Wizard101 related games called "Xtra Games Online" or XGO for short. Unfortunately, a long while ago our server provider was shut down, and as a result, our games were lost. Since then, XGO has become less and less, until finally closing earlier this month. As I said in my goals for 2012, I want to bring back two old series. The first one being Xtra Games Online, but better. I don't know what to call it quite yet, but know I hope to include Java capabilities once it's fully operational. It will be hosted hopefully right here, on The Stormed Youth! I understand that If I do develop more than one game, It will get crowded on just one dedicated page, but fear not! I will hopefuly have a 'Table of Contents' and 'Top of Page' system running on that page. Let Project Games101 begin!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy (Post) Hallowe'en!

Hey guys!
     Sorry I was late posting this week. I had a lot of time to meet up with my family and have some fun over Halloween. I was planning on posting something then, but I just didn't get around to it. Anyhow, I have a few things that I would like to get done before the end of the year, which I realize is coming up quickly, so I need to get my mind set for it. Here is my list of goals for the end of 2012:

  1. Write and submit Chapter One of my Pirate101/Wizard101 Fanfiction.
  2. Possibly get chosen to be featured on the site. (Probably Not, It's nice to dream though! :P)
  3. Release at least on issue of the new bi-weekly "newsletter" (Like the old Stormed Press)
  4. Start up two new series.
  5. Bring back two old series. (Weekly "Stuff", anyone?)
So as you can see I have 5 main goals for this site, and I can happily say that I am planning on knocking #5 out fairly soon. Another thing to add is that I will not be having a "major" contest this year, but as of next year, I hope to have some sort of contest. I will still hold contests this year, but the prizes will not be anything along the lines of codes.

Moving on to Pirate101 news, I have been working a lot on side-quests, so I haven't progressed to far yet in the main story. I am still currently in the Tradewind Skyways, and I just defeated Haku with the help of the ever so amazing Elizabeth. On a more side note, I am a level 12 Privateer, with Witchdoctor as my secondary. I feel as if the witchdoctor class give me good ranged damage while still having quite a few support abilities mixed in there as well, which is perfect for me! I am really enjoying the concept of this game, and I hope that I continue to play this for at least another year, and hopefully I will achieve what me in Wizard101 never did: Maxing my level out. I have given up on W101 at the moment, because level 90? Really? I'm level 42! That's overwhelming. I will stick to getting Red up to level 50 and maxing him before anything else now! :P