Monday, September 24, 2012

Revolution- Pilot Episode Review

So today I decided to bite the bullet and watch the newest nbc show "Revolution"
The plot is nothing to be excited about from the outside and teaser trailers Apocalypse, fall of big society, everyone is gonna die, yada yada yada. But let me tell you, it's way better when you get into it.

[INSET SPOILER ALERT HERE] Heck, this whole thing will be a massive spoiler alert so be warned.

The show starts off pretty normal, family scene. Establishes that the kids are connected to technology. Then Ben comes running home all pre-apocalyptic worried and everything. Mom stops him and is like "Ben, honey, whats going on?" and he says "We need more water and food. Now. Its going to go out, all of it." [Inset cleverly placed Droid add here. Really annoyed me but hey, what are ya gonna do?] Then it shows Miles and his accomplice. Far as I can tell Ben and Miles are brothers and two opposite ends of the spectrum, Ben seems to have it all and Miles seems more "hood" like.
Then its a cut to Ben on the balcony and a dramatic plane crash because, its an apocalypse show, why not?

From here I gained hope that it was gonna be a good show, true to what would actually happen in a situation like this. But then, I just lost it. They're too clean. Their clothes are too nice. Heck Danny is wearing a white t-shirt that is really, really, white. Who does that? Seriously. And the bad guys too, they're all ominously dressed in black, like really?
Ben looks like he shaved 5 seconds before he came onto camera and Charlies hair looks amazing.
Aaron is the only character who somewhat looks like what would happen in an apocalypse, awesome beard, slightly grubby clothes. Almost like a fatter version of Woody Harrleson from Zombieland. (Awesome movie by the way, will do another review like this one if you guys like these) The script is also pretty choppy, anger suddenly erupts from nowhere. The girl playing Charlie can't even look Miles in the eye when she's begging him to come with them. It doesn't make sense.

There's one thing this show actually did do pretty well and it was the fight scene. Even though it started off choreographed it got better with Charlie, Aaron and the town doc gaining assists and Nate coming to save Charlie from death.

I honestly enjoyed it but looking at it from a Filmmakers perspective it was pretty shotty.

Watch it for yourself here

Tell me what you thought about it in the comments below and if you liked my review of it tell me so I can do more of these!

Hugs from Storm! (>^_^)>


  1. I liked this show but it seems copying the idea of some other shows i have watched. Your review was great!


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