Monday, August 20, 2012

The Stormed Youth Email and My Rant about Pirate 101 and More!

Alright this is a doozy of a post. (If you don't know what a doozy is go Google it)

The Stormed Youth now has an email! Managed by me and FireZ. Wow, that sounds like a gangsta' name. FireZ. FyreZ sounds even more gangster though :3 The email address is thestormedyouth(at)
Email us with things you'd like us to talk about or if ya just wanna chat :3

Next onto Pirate101:
Effective today the NDA on Pirate101 and now my twitter feed is spammed with pictures of people's characters, battles, and other fun pirate-y stuff.
But last night I saw something that really just made me facepalm. Like seriously, I was so shocked that I dropped my phone onto my face. I phone-face-palmed. Like a boss.
This thing that caused my shock was someone on the Pirate101 forums was complaining that Jester and Olivia got beta keys and they didn't.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Let me tell you one thing, person who posted this complaint on the forums. J and O have done more for this community then you have. They have paid for the forum hosting and what else, oh yeah, HOST THE FORUM.

And you're complaining that you didn't get a beta key because you bought all the worlds up to whatever world?

I don't even have a beta key yet.

Also, one last thing. You do understand that the characters will be wiped before P101 goes live. Happened with Wizzy101 and will happen here. Its like a nerf technique. (Also, go Google it.) So therefore you will not get any advantage from being in beta besides being able to brag about being in beta.

So I think that just about wraps up my rant about people being upset about not getting into Pirate101.

Now onto our next subject!


As Fire and I have both started school we will only be able to post around this time. Not so sure what time our new writer will be in yet (as we still have 2 people we're interviewing) but when that comes I'm sure they'll let us know.

Also, since Fire is insisting on teaching me Java we might put some very simple games up on the site, purely for your enjoyment. :3 (shhhh, don't tell FireZ. He'll go all gangster on my face :D)

So that's all folks! (Porky Pig is the best! Google if you don't know him.)

(>^_^)> Hugs from Storm!

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