Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

Hey guys and gals. I felt like today I would just like to post. About random things. So here we go!:
     First of all, I would like to thank you for an overwhelming result of applications in a day for an author position to this blog. Storm received two applications, and I received three. We hope to hire one or two of you into this site and the Stormed Youth family. When Stormzilla first started this blog, and then later invited me, we had no idea that eventually we would get over 25,000 views. This is just amazing. Thank you to whoever reads this, and know that you are making an impact on our lives just by reading a post every so often. (That was mushy-gushy. I know.)
     Second of all, I would like to start a few new things on this blog. First of all, I would like to post about programming. Now, my goal in this tutorial is not only to inform people how to program even when they have never programmed in their life, but also so I can teach Storm as well, as I need her to learn Java so she can help me with my projects :P
     The next thing I want to start, is doing reviews on gaming things. I already did a review on Amnesia, and in the future I will do reviews on Amnesia Custom Stories, as well as other games and such. I also hope to blog about other games I enjoy, like League of Legends, Minecraft, and DotA 2, when it comes out.
     Finally, I did some general upkeep around this blog, mainly just cleaning up some tags, and adding new ones to some newer post. Once again thanks for reading!


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