Sunday, August 5, 2012

Return Of Stormzilla!

Hey guys, sorry its been like forever since I posted on here and Brady kind of took over (We're currently locked in an epic battle for epicness and control of the blog. kidding we work together, always have)
And if you haven't noticed yet I am actually a girl. I just hate the way girls look in almost every game so I always play guys. I thought you guys knew that. But apparently you don't. So yeah....

Anyway I think I'll link you over to my YouTube channel here.  New Wizard101 play through, DayZ, Realm of the Mad God, League of Legends, Batman Arkham City, and much much more. Actually probably not. That is a lot of games. I just noticed how addicted to gaming I am. That is sad. Or awesome. Either way, its what I am.

So onto twitter. My name is Dustin Griffinflame and I have an amazingly large amount of followers. Like 300 something. Odd. Most of the time I've been inactive but I promise to be more into the community now. Think of it as I took a vacation from literally everything.

Now we're gonna get back to business. and write blogs. and play games. Lets do this!

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