Monday, August 20, 2012

The Stormed Youth Email and My Rant about Pirate 101 and More!

Alright this is a doozy of a post. (If you don't know what a doozy is go Google it)

The Stormed Youth now has an email! Managed by me and FireZ. Wow, that sounds like a gangsta' name. FireZ. FyreZ sounds even more gangster though :3 The email address is thestormedyouth(at)
Email us with things you'd like us to talk about or if ya just wanna chat :3

Next onto Pirate101:
Effective today the NDA on Pirate101 and now my twitter feed is spammed with pictures of people's characters, battles, and other fun pirate-y stuff.
But last night I saw something that really just made me facepalm. Like seriously, I was so shocked that I dropped my phone onto my face. I phone-face-palmed. Like a boss.
This thing that caused my shock was someone on the Pirate101 forums was complaining that Jester and Olivia got beta keys and they didn't.

You've gotta be kidding me.

Let me tell you one thing, person who posted this complaint on the forums. J and O have done more for this community then you have. They have paid for the forum hosting and what else, oh yeah, HOST THE FORUM.

And you're complaining that you didn't get a beta key because you bought all the worlds up to whatever world?

I don't even have a beta key yet.

Also, one last thing. You do understand that the characters will be wiped before P101 goes live. Happened with Wizzy101 and will happen here. Its like a nerf technique. (Also, go Google it.) So therefore you will not get any advantage from being in beta besides being able to brag about being in beta.

So I think that just about wraps up my rant about people being upset about not getting into Pirate101.

Now onto our next subject!


As Fire and I have both started school we will only be able to post around this time. Not so sure what time our new writer will be in yet (as we still have 2 people we're interviewing) but when that comes I'm sure they'll let us know.

Also, since Fire is insisting on teaching me Java we might put some very simple games up on the site, purely for your enjoyment. :3 (shhhh, don't tell FireZ. He'll go all gangster on my face :D)

So that's all folks! (Porky Pig is the best! Google if you don't know him.)

(>^_^)> Hugs from Storm!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

Hey guys and gals. I felt like today I would just like to post. About random things. So here we go!:
     First of all, I would like to thank you for an overwhelming result of applications in a day for an author position to this blog. Storm received two applications, and I received three. We hope to hire one or two of you into this site and the Stormed Youth family. When Stormzilla first started this blog, and then later invited me, we had no idea that eventually we would get over 25,000 views. This is just amazing. Thank you to whoever reads this, and know that you are making an impact on our lives just by reading a post every so often. (That was mushy-gushy. I know.)
     Second of all, I would like to start a few new things on this blog. First of all, I would like to post about programming. Now, my goal in this tutorial is not only to inform people how to program even when they have never programmed in their life, but also so I can teach Storm as well, as I need her to learn Java so she can help me with my projects :P
     The next thing I want to start, is doing reviews on gaming things. I already did a review on Amnesia, and in the future I will do reviews on Amnesia Custom Stories, as well as other games and such. I also hope to blog about other games I enjoy, like League of Legends, Minecraft, and DotA 2, when it comes out.
     Finally, I did some general upkeep around this blog, mainly just cleaning up some tags, and adding new ones to some newer post. Once again thanks for reading!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

We want YOU for Stormed Youth!

Hey guys. I want to talk to you about a slight change to this blog. Lately, I have been getting really into programming, as well other games. We here at Stormed Youth want to keep our old Wizard101 fan-base, and then build off of that as well into new areas of gaming. We have decided we need another writer. This writer would only have access to his or her posts, and we would like this writer to write about Wizard101 or the upcoming Pirate101. If you are interested, leave a comment or tell us at, or @TheStormedYouth. We will gladly hire you if you post often and respect our site! :D


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amnesia: Fun for the Whole Family

So just recently, I purchased Amnesia. Now, I have played and watched others play this game, and I just had the urge to buy the new game. So today, I thought it would be a good idea to simply review the game it's self, before I start to post about Custom Stories and such. Now, this game runs for $19.99 USD, and to be honest, that's a fairly good price. That $20 gets you a in-depth main story, and a Justine DLC, along with Amnesia: Remember. I bought this game off of Steam, so I'm not sure if Remember is bundled with the retail version. Along with a huge, twisted, plot-filled story-line and a Portal-type DLC, it comes with the option of installing thousands of Custom Stories, which are maps and complete stories made by other people. It DOES take some work to install the bigger custom stories, but nothing too advanced. The whole theme of the game is just spectacular. The atmosphere helps build the tension, and those unique scares that just keep you on your seat is what makes this game amazing. The main story-line is filled with jump-scares, as well as those slow-scares that just make you look away because it's too much tension. I have had some of these moments, where a demon was so close to me, then he turned away. Moments like that get me. And this game gives you that countless times. Some Custom Stories also use Amnesia in creative ways, so for $20, you're getting thousands of maps. It seems like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Price: $20 USD
Rating: 9/10
Replay Value: High

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hola again everyone!

Since I am a girl I feel the need to explain why I play guy characters in every MMO/ Why Dustin Griffinflame came along

The first and most important reason is because of my cousin. His name was Tyler and he had a thing for getting like really dirty. So we started to call him Dusty. (Therefore the Dustin part in my name) But in 2001 he got into a car crash and died. Dustin Griffinflame is my tribute to Ty.

The second reason (do I really even need a second reason? I'm gonna put one anyway) is because I just don't like the girl graphical art in Wizzy101 the outfits tend to be more girly then I'm used to and I just overall don't like it as much.

Third reason is because I just do. Its kind of my thing I guess. I'm not the biggest fan of any girl names, so I just use guy names.

Now back to Wizard101!

The other day I hopped back into the spiral for the first in a very long time and I was just amazed at how much utter crap I had. My bank was totally full, my characters inventories were almost full. Like seriously, if my pets weren't fat before I started feeding them gear, they are now.

Next great Idea!

I'm going to play a game. (Don't worry, it's not monopoly)

I'm going to make a brand new FTP account and see how long it takes me to get to 100k gold and level 20.
It is not impossible. Even if it is, all the more fun. :3 Its going to be called Race For The Gold and I might get a competitor to race against, (Another blogger maybe? We'll see) So if you want your favorite blogger to go against me in this race for gold type thing, tweet them.

Ooh! And Tweet me too @TheStormedYouth for Wizard101 stuff.

Also, I'm trying to get a Pirate101 Beta Key and if I do I'll tell you all and make posts about it and stuff. :3

Anyway, keep on doing whatever it is that you do.

-Stormeh! :3

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Return Of Stormzilla!

Hey guys, sorry its been like forever since I posted on here and Brady kind of took over (We're currently locked in an epic battle for epicness and control of the blog. kidding we work together, always have)
And if you haven't noticed yet I am actually a girl. I just hate the way girls look in almost every game so I always play guys. I thought you guys knew that. But apparently you don't. So yeah....

Anyway I think I'll link you over to my YouTube channel here.  New Wizard101 play through, DayZ, Realm of the Mad God, League of Legends, Batman Arkham City, and much much more. Actually probably not. That is a lot of games. I just noticed how addicted to gaming I am. That is sad. Or awesome. Either way, its what I am.

So onto twitter. My name is Dustin Griffinflame and I have an amazingly large amount of followers. Like 300 something. Odd. Most of the time I've been inactive but I promise to be more into the community now. Think of it as I took a vacation from literally everything.

Now we're gonna get back to business. and write blogs. and play games. Lets do this!