Thursday, July 26, 2012

My New Addiction

Server:  Savage Realms Prison                                                                        

Hey guys! So yesterday I started playing a new server: Savage Realms Prison. And may I say. Oh. My. God. Savage Prison is a Prison Server, and if you're unfamiliar with what exactly that is, it's a role play that takes place in a (You guessed it), a Prison! From bounties, to courtyard brawls, to carrying illegal weapons behind the prison guards' backs. This server I find extremely fun, even though I spent an hour mining in the 'D' Block mines, trying to get a little more money to be ranked up to the 'C' Block, which has better mining, and more guards, for a safer experience. I currently have about $4000, and need $20000 to be ranked up. It's really fun, and how the inmates fight, it is so intense to just sprint through the courtyard, scared that someone might kill you when a guard is not looking. I would recommend this server to anyone who like PvP and Roleplay. I really enjoy this server, and I am pretty sure any of you would like it to.


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