Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thanks a lot Wysteria.

Wysteria took me a grand total of 5 hours. Sick days rule!
But Wysteria, sadly, doesn't rule. In fact, it ranked above Krokotopia on my list of least favorite worlds. That says a lot considering that I hate Krokotopia a lot!

So here's why I ha- fine, Here's why I strongly dislike Wysteria:
  • Cocky students: Like this guy, I mean, dude I'm level 56. You're a rank 5. I wonder whose gonna win this tournament.

  • Their "First-Class" staff: I know every school has their bad and good teachers but this is ridiculous. Those are just a few of the things that annoy me with Wysteria. Plus, its almost painfully easy. Either way. 5 hours, no levels, 1 pet. Thanks a lot Wysteria

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