Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rants and Pets

Hey all, sorry I haven't been on for a while and we haven't been reporting on the In-Game updates as much as we should be... But there's a simple and logical explination for that: We're not there in the game yet...
I KNOW! I know, some of you are probably shouting at you computer right now "Well get there then! My 9 year old kid started Wizard101 3 months ago and he's already done with the game!"
Well.... Good for your 9 year old kid. Who, if my guess is correct, has no life, no homework, no other YouTube channel, no responsibilities whatsoever. So lay off.
Please remember, Fire and I are just kids (Actually, we're technically teenagers because we're both 13.)
I promise I'll bring you more info on games and such because I'm getting Minecraft really soon so I'll probably bring you info on that. And once my parents get around to getting a new router for our wireless internet I'll be able to play more of other games, like Free Realms, Evony, Minecraft, Wizard101 and more....
Since I'm just a kid (teenager, whatever) I don't conrol all these internet problems that I'm having.
So please, cut us some slack?
I'm almost done, I promise.
Now onto the happy part of my post!
I'm really sick!
Yeah, believe it or not, thats a good thing for me.
It means I can stay home and play video games all day!
And it means I can train my pets to be awesome!
See that picture up at the top of the post? Yeah, thats my totally awesome unicorn, Princess Lille. (I can't move the pic for some reason.)
So anyway.... Thats about it so...
Keep the magic alive

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