Tuesday, August 30, 2011


            Hey guys, its been a while, for sure. I just wanted to say I am soooooo sorry for not posting in forever. I have been super busy lately. I promise I'll make it up somehow. But I am here, don't forget about me.

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exchange Student!

Hey guys! I am a exchange student! ☺ I transferred to Wysteria Academy when I have my sub! When I don't, I can settle for the sunken school of death! By the School of Spirit RULEZ! :P


Anyway... I have two new for sure worlds that were "leaked" in Wysteria

Weirwood. The place of magical pixie fairies! Just what we need!!!!

Mirage. The place of a raging desert and an Arabic/cat theme! Joy! I LOVE this idea!

Oh, and did I mention that I am now an adept crafter! Yep! So, after I complete Wysteria and Crab Alley, then I'll work on the main storyline. How far do you think I'll get? Dragonspyre? What street? Please leave a comment saying how far I'll get on the main storyline aftter a complete Wysteria and Crab Alley! I'm almsot done w/ crab alley though...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey guys! Gonna make this a quickie! I got a 2 month sub with a Flamezilla pet! This is my first sub after the IE9 Epic! Now I can do Crab Alley, continue MS, and start WS? I think that's the abbreviation for Wysteria?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh ho ho

I'm santa! No, just kidding.
Read my post again Firezilla, I said I would havce a poll to see which of MY characters would get the house. Genius!

P.S. yes, I was too lazy to just call you and point this out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I love how I didn't know

That I won The Frinedly Necromancer's contest before Heather Raven tole me on twitter. xD
And what do you think, guys, I won the house but should I raffle it off? I mean seriously, do you knwo how much money I spent on that dorm? Like over 10k gold, and how much time I wasted on that thing.... I knwo I probably shouldn't say this but NO! FIREZILLA! YOU CANNOT RAFFLE OFF MY WON HOUSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! AND YOU CANNOT ENTER!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teleports. Whats the real use?

Seriously, Firezilla thinks the Teleporters are all high and mighty but I have a different view. And its totally justified!

Here it is:
Teleporters are totally useless.

I mean, sure you can have a party spanning over 5 houses but seriously, you're gonna waste how many crowns to get 1 awesome party?

I know I know, you could win them from the Wayvern packs but really? It's like a one in 20 chance you'll get a teleporter. If even that.

And sure, they can be crafted but that takes 7 of the highest ranked cards for that school. So only like a fraction of wizards can craft that level, or have that time.and patience to gather all the reagents.

And you could just buy them straight up form the crowns shop.
I'm really shaking my head at this one. Because I'm assuming that a big portion of Wizard101 players are teens, and we teens don't always have a bunch of money on hand. I mean, I can't even get a job yet, I don't have enough money to buy a bunch of stupid Teleporters, pardon my French.

So that's my views on the new Teleporters. I know some of you out there are going "Stupid kid doesn't know what she's talking about!" But seriously, I've put more thought into this post then a lot of my other posts. So don't flip.

Love it or hate it. That's my views.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wizards Rising & WCP Rising!

Hey guys! Today I WAS gonna continue The Saga of Quitheryn, but then I thought, "Why not let them in on the new project!" So I will! Introducing:

Yes! "Wizards Rising" is the newest project for me! Since I mainly play W101 once a week : (  , I thought, hey I should start creating super cool Wizard101 Themed Music! So as of right now, I have perfected 1 Song and have 2 more in the works. There will be a total of 16 Songs on the finished album! Here's the first one:


AND, the best news of all: I got accepted into the Wizard City Protectors! Yep! Now since my membership  is up, I thought, "Hey! Might as well join a club!" check us out at!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Updates & News.

Hey Guys.... So the poll's closed. And your number 1 Choice was the Stormed Press! So you know what? Next Edition, We'll make it 10x better AND... Storm, shoot me over e-mail any contributions! AND, anyone else who wants to share a tip and get credit is welcome to send it to! Thanks! AND second place goes to the new story about the lost city of Quitheryn that dives deep into a relationship between Diego and Nightshade! Look for Chapter 1 to appear here, Central, AND maybe even W101 main site! Here are your August 2011 Updates:

  1. An all new Favicon is here! You know, that old death symbol by our site name in your browser? It's now a Health Drain Symbol!
  2. A new video is on it's way!
  3. Server has been updated to scan through viruses and spam off of MY computer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Workin on stuff'

I'm currently working on my entry for the Friendly Necromancer's Watchtower contest!
No pictures yet but i'm about to submit it.
Wise me luck! (Mainly becasue if I won I would write the longest blog post ever and let you vote on who should get the house. Hahaha!)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now Thats What I Call Wizard101!

Hey guy! Whatcha been up to? Nothin'? Me too... And then... BOOM! It hit me! Why not go onto the blog and post random but cool ideas? First off- {O_o} I love that face so much, I'm gonna start making that my siggy with the whole tide Firezilla tide thing! XD. So, let get started on RANDOM IDEAS FOR W101!


We interrupt this post to bring you breaking news! W101 has expanded to music! Don't believe me? GO HERRRRRRRRREEE!!! <=== Click it!


Here are my Ideas:

  1. Well, They are releasing big mega bundle packs, first a Wizard City themed house, and now a Krok-type themed house! Whats next? A Marleybone, then Mooshu (*eek!*) and then DS...
  2. I wish you could go back in time to the whole Quitheryn thing I'm writing! Wouldn't that just be epic, you running around to find the relic of empathy! Then you battle a much stronger NightShade! Yeah...
  3. If Kingsisle released an official W101 Social Network. Not any throw-offs like ConnectX or Centeral. An OFFICAL Social network with Free Forums, Blogs, and a Facebook interface!
  4. KI Free Games needs and update. They REALLY Need to add some new games! (Side Note- Xtra Games IS WORKING!... Well Sorta... Will have another post really soon after this one with more info...
  5. If Wizard101 creates Inner-Linking Areas. So like you enter a dungeon with 4 people, but everyone in that dungeon at the time is all together, not separated!
  6. A contest! Yeah... I'm getting together codes fpr a big contest up in Dec. for our 2nd Year Celebration. There will be small ones in between though...
  7. INTERVIEWS! LEAVE A COMMENT! If you wold like to be interviewed for a post, please comment your e-mail.
That's all I could think up right now, so you know what to do, comment, follow @thestormdyouth and @FirezillaTweets, and Follow our blog!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Evony Tip (I don't know what number we're on)

Tip: Prestige doesn't matter. Troops are better.
In a game like Evony it seems like the higher prestige players always seem to win. But the players with the troops are the real troublemakers.

Another Tip: Trouble is fun!
If your going up against another alliance, make some trouble. Steal their valley's, take their colonies, move in next to them and make the worst neighbor ever. Anything to annoy them will bypass their better judgment and make them do something foolish. Its simple


Thats pretty much it. Sorry, been really busy getting ready for school.
Quick question: How many of you will have reduced play times due to school? Comment to make me feel better! (I already don't have a lot of time to play and with homework I probably won't even get to play some nights)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Saga of Quitheryn [Prolouge]

It's pronounced Qui-ther-en!



     It was a dark, ruthless night. In the distance you could hear faint screams from desperate wizards. Buildings were being torn from the ground like a huge tornado was sucking everything away. This was what was left of the lost city of Quitheryn. It sank into the ground, the building collapsed, the people fled, the magic was lost. Just then, a huge bright green force field appeared around what was left of the town, and all enemies fled away.

     "Good, it's all working as planned sir!" said a powerful figure, covered in darkness.
     "Great, we must save the Relic of Empathy!" Bowled the other man in the tower," Diego, you have done me a great deal, but I ask for one more favor."
     "Anything, my lord," Diego said, stepping out of the shadows," Anything for you, Nightshade"
     "Great, I want you to flee from this city, and stand guard in Unicorn Way. I will come back when the city is safe. You will meet me in Stormdrain Tower," finished Nightshade.
     "Yes, my lord, but where is this tower?" Diego asked
     "You will know when the time is right," replied Nightshade, and Diego fled. Just as he walked out of the city, surrounded in a green shield, it vanished. In it's place stood a huge tower, and instead of a cliff hanging off of the land, shark like teeth stood up, and the river flowed off the edge. Where once was a city on a cliff hanging out over the edge, was now a tower in a lake by a huge, never ending waterfall. He trotted away, and out of the cave.



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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Stormed Press Volume 1: August 2011

Hey fellow reader! Here's how I'll make up for my absence! A new series: The Stormed Press! Here it goes:

The Stormed Times
Volume 1
August 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Alive! (Thank Zues!)

Hey Guys! Really Quick post today! Sorry about not posting, very busy, watch for lots of post this weekend from me!