Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Ghoulish Idea

           With Halloween just around the corner and all, I've done a little Halloween theorycrafting.

           We all know Spooky Bob comes around each year to sell Halloween items and such, but what if there was more to his story. What if, around Halloween time, the shopping district fountain became a witches cauldron, that was really a portal? Imagine this, You get a quest from Ambrose, telling you to talk to Spooky Bob, to learn more about where he came from. He tells you that he comes from Cryptica, a ghostly world, full of monsters that terrorize the people. He asks your help in clearing up the monster problem, and (having no real choice) you accept. You jump in the cauldron. As you enter the world, you see the dreary green sky, the dark forests, and the many graveyards. You hear moaning from all over the place. You hear rustling in the bushes, probably a ghoul waiting to strike. The howling of werewolves sends chills down your spine. The screaming of scared villagers makes you wonder how much work you'll have to take care of. After trekking through countless quests, you face off with Morganthe. When you defeat her at last, she retreats to yet another world in the Spiral.

           This would probably be a level 60+ world. I thought about this when I realized, Necromancers rock, they deserve a world right? Exactly.

          Hope you liked it, and sorry again for not posting in so long.



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