Friday, September 30, 2011

There be a test realm upon us!

Yes! You heard it! New custom signs, a new mount, and... UPDATED MAPS! Yay! Anywho, we here are also changing things up! A "Harry Potter" Themed Logo is what I have been working on for like EVER! Grr.... Darn Fonts! I would show you some pics of the test realm, but it says, "Unable to connect" Grrrrrrr!!!!!! I AM MAD!!!!!!!

~Update! It works for me! Here's some of the main new features in picture form!~

The All new Panther Mount is a little pricey, but amazing!

New Map

Old Map

As you can see, names have been removed, I honestly don't see an "Updated" Map though.

Notice the "1 Passenger" Notice on the stats. Hmmmmm..... This is AMAZING! 

Free Rootbeer! Yeah! I like the new signs! Worth 500 Crowns!

-Want to ask a question? Locate the "Ask a Question link in the sidebar!" THANKS! Also keep on voting! I put it up what, three days ago and got a steady 20 replies! Nice to know twitter is always there.... Now on to DOAW ConnectX!

I know this is quick, but I need to go grab my helephant spell!


Also as side note, We now have an ad up on the right-hand sidebar at Diary of a Wizard ConnectX! Joy! Eeek!


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