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The Stormed Press: Volume II - September 2011

Volume II
September 2011

What can we foresee for next year?
A new world? A new house? A new expansion?


"Third Year going on Fourth"

     Wizard101 has been in our lives for three years now. This just goes to show that Wizard101 has advanced from the old four-word, unfinished story line; without housing and advanced pets, and even gardening! "What can we predict to happen in Wizard101 in the upcoming year?" asks a fellow member of Wizard101 Central. Well, in my opinion, we can almost for sure guess that a new world (Possibly Weirwood or Mirage) will come out. We can also guess another side update like gardening or school houses. I can also guess that that KingsIsle Entertainment has something locked up, something that we've never seen before. ~


"The 'Fall' of Justice"

     In Evony, sever na35, an alliance called Justice, with over 10 branches of it's alliance, crumbled because of a inner-alliance civil war. I myself was in the 4th branch of Justice, but was kicked because everyone in the 4th branch was going against the 3rd branch! I was than tragically defeated, and had to end the madness. I joined the Training alliance of Justice, to help with the trainees. Everything is going great. And "The Justice Civil War" is over. ~ 


Wizard101 Riddles & Trivia

  1. What was the very first new world released?
  2. What day did Stormed Youth start?
  3. Who's name starts with a vowel & ends with a vowel? (Name at least 3)
  4. What came first? Crab Alley or Wintertusk?
  5. What world(s) was Celetia mentioned in?
(Answers to be revealed next issue)


"Pet Disappointment"

     Have you ever had a pet, like my fierce hound, who was given a first ability of spritley, then, when you spent even more time to get it up to adult, It gave you +1% Death Attack? That's me... grrr... I honestly hated it. I was so mad at the darn pixel dog! Why can't I get pips of plenty? or even +5% Death Attack! I was furious. I guess all I can do is train it up one more, and see where it goes... ~ 


"Astral Schools Debate"

     Which astral school did you or are you going to pick? Here's all the schools in a nutshell:

SUN- Sun is great for PvP or one-hits. It has accuracy and attack buffs, as well as mutate cards.

MOON- Moon is great for a 4v4, never for solo, usually. You turn into a creature with new cards and resits and boosts and pip rate, it changes about everything!

STAR- Great for PvP, is basically a shield or charm that stays with you for more than 1 round.  (If you use it.) Basically, it's just nice to have in your arsenal.


*Sorry for the shortness, didn't have any time to work on it*


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