Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mobile Crossover?

Have you checked the KI Jobs page lately?

We are currently looking for a Senior Game Designer with a particular emphasis on game systems and user interface design on mobile devices. The ideal candidate will possess a combination of MMORPG systems design experience and a solid grounding in UX Design principles.

Hmmmm.... Very intriguing.... A game/mobile format designer, along with the new AAA MMO they're working on, now they're adding a mobile new game/Wizard101 Mobile Addition. This could be an amazing leap into the world of Wizard101.


I am working on a huge project that's under wraps for now. And! PLEASE let me direct your attention to the sidebar. Towards the top, there is 3, count them, THREE new links! Use them! There is a INACTIVE Enter a Raffle Link, an Ask a question link. Also vote for the Wizard Awards! Big....Honkin'.... Stuff!


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