Friday, August 5, 2011

The Stormed Press Volume 1: August 2011

Hey fellow reader! Here's how I'll make up for my absence! A new series: The Stormed Press! Here it goes:

The Stormed Times
Volume 1
August 2011


Top Story


Wizard101's newest super awesome update is now available on the test realm! Wyteria is a very new area and will test players to their limits!

"Wysteria was once a trade post and pleasant enough small town in the Wizard City cluster, not too far away but of little consequence in the overall scheme of things, until a magical incident occurred that caused a crawling vine to grow and completely overrun the town."

Wysteria is home to Pigswick Academy, the all-time arch enemy to Ravenwood. New street include Pegasus Place and Tanglewood Way. Pegasus Place is home to scary goblins and hobgoblins, and Tanglewood Way is crawling nature-like creatures. Players will also be able to enter a magical tournament that could end you with the spiral cup! The pricing is 1,000 crowns for the area, however we are unsure if its all 3 or just separate. Keep looking for future posts on this rival world against Ravenwood!
Ravenwood vs. Pigswick!



In Other News...

Evony is Helping!

Evony has posted our tip number 2 on their FaceBook page! Yipee! First twitter, then Facebook, wowz, Evony is really backing up our site a lot! I'm glad to be pushing forward in on game, and actually, in all! Thanks to all of you who read our blog, it means so much to me and storm! I look forward to posting and getting stronger in all of the games I play!


Da Gaming Corner

Lord of Ultima

LOU is a fun, MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy) and is very similar to Evony, but is unique! You can find the link at the top of the sidebar! It I actually very fun! You start a city and work your way from there! You can choose to stay safe and be more political and helpful, or choose the path of power and rise up to take down your enemies! Not convinced? That's fine, try it out by following the link in the sidebar and try it out!


WCI- Wizard Crime Investigation

Wizard Missing

0700 Hours- A sleepover was going down, the wizards had pulled an all night-er and was up drinking juice in their bedroom.

0730 Hours- Wizard friend sleeping over was found missing from the house, and never was seen yet

0900 Hours- WCI gets there and starts to track down the missing friend. Matthew (The other one) was acting guilty... We also learn the missing party's name was Alex

1100 Hours- We find a trail. Some wizards saw him scamming others for treasure cards in the shopping district.

1200 Hours- We look everywhere for him, and we find a note, it read:
"I'm in Wizard City, but not on a street.I'm in a shop, but not in the shopping district. I am in a crowded place Where am I?"

If you know where he's at comment or keep it to yourself, and the answer will be revealed in the next issue!


Gossip Corner

Is Aaron Ever on?
Not Often, but yes I am!

When is the release date for Wysteria?
It's unofficial.
Why are you talking about newer games?
Cause I can, and cause I want to post more, need something to talk about! :P
Where's Storm?
Storm is always reading the blog, jut not posting now, Storms still alive!


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