Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Saga of Quitheryn [Prolouge]

It's pronounced Qui-ther-en!



     It was a dark, ruthless night. In the distance you could hear faint screams from desperate wizards. Buildings were being torn from the ground like a huge tornado was sucking everything away. This was what was left of the lost city of Quitheryn. It sank into the ground, the building collapsed, the people fled, the magic was lost. Just then, a huge bright green force field appeared around what was left of the town, and all enemies fled away.

     "Good, it's all working as planned sir!" said a powerful figure, covered in darkness.
     "Great, we must save the Relic of Empathy!" Bowled the other man in the tower," Diego, you have done me a great deal, but I ask for one more favor."
     "Anything, my lord," Diego said, stepping out of the shadows," Anything for you, Nightshade"
     "Great, I want you to flee from this city, and stand guard in Unicorn Way. I will come back when the city is safe. You will meet me in Stormdrain Tower," finished Nightshade.
     "Yes, my lord, but where is this tower?" Diego asked
     "You will know when the time is right," replied Nightshade, and Diego fled. Just as he walked out of the city, surrounded in a green shield, it vanished. In it's place stood a huge tower, and instead of a cliff hanging off of the land, shark like teeth stood up, and the river flowed off the edge. Where once was a city on a cliff hanging out over the edge, was now a tower in a lake by a huge, never ending waterfall. He trotted away, and out of the cave.



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