Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now Thats What I Call Wizard101!

Hey guy! Whatcha been up to? Nothin'? Me too... And then... BOOM! It hit me! Why not go onto the blog and post random but cool ideas? First off- {O_o} I love that face so much, I'm gonna start making that my siggy with the whole tide Firezilla tide thing! XD. So, let get started on RANDOM IDEAS FOR W101!


We interrupt this post to bring you breaking news! W101 has expanded to music! Don't believe me? GO HERRRRRRRRREEE!!! <=== Click it!


Here are my Ideas:

  1. Well, They are releasing big mega bundle packs, first a Wizard City themed house, and now a Krok-type themed house! Whats next? A Marleybone, then Mooshu (*eek!*) and then DS...
  2. I wish you could go back in time to the whole Quitheryn thing I'm writing! Wouldn't that just be epic, you running around to find the relic of empathy! Then you battle a much stronger NightShade! Yeah...
  3. If Kingsisle released an official W101 Social Network. Not any throw-offs like ConnectX or Centeral. An OFFICAL Social network with Free Forums, Blogs, and a Facebook interface!
  4. KI Free Games needs and update. They REALLY Need to add some new games! (Side Note- Xtra Games IS WORKING!... Well Sorta... Will have another post really soon after this one with more info...
  5. If Wizard101 creates Inner-Linking Areas. So like you enter a dungeon with 4 people, but everyone in that dungeon at the time is all together, not separated!
  6. A contest! Yeah... I'm getting together codes fpr a big contest up in Dec. for our 2nd Year Celebration. There will be small ones in between though...
  7. INTERVIEWS! LEAVE A COMMENT! If you wold like to be interviewed for a post, please comment your e-mail.
That's all I could think up right now, so you know what to do, comment, follow @thestormdyouth and @FirezillaTweets, and Follow our blog!



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  1. I would like to Be interviewed.


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