Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Updates & News.

Hey Guys.... So the poll's closed. And your number 1 Choice was the Stormed Press! So you know what? Next Edition, We'll make it 10x better AND... Storm, shoot me over e-mail any contributions! AND, anyone else who wants to share a tip and get credit is welcome to send it to! Thanks! AND second place goes to the new story about the lost city of Quitheryn that dives deep into a relationship between Diego and Nightshade! Look for Chapter 1 to appear here, Central, AND maybe even W101 main site! Here are your August 2011 Updates:

  1. An all new Favicon is here! You know, that old death symbol by our site name in your browser? It's now a Health Drain Symbol!
  2. A new video is on it's way!
  3. Server has been updated to scan through viruses and spam off of MY computer.

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