Friday, July 15, 2011

Just got back from the last Harry Potter movie....

And I gotta say... It rocked!

Now onto my new idea for the day: (Just today, don't expect my awesome ideas on a daily basis)
I want a castle. Like a huge one. Like Hogwarts. Only accessable to those who earn the Master of (Their school) badges. Then your Professor would say something to the effect of "You're ready. Enter the magical gates that just appeared and enter the Ravenwood Academy of Yesterday" and then you could travel back in time and see all the professors as they were before Malistare rose up to power. Plus you could explore the castle and see the classrooms before they were broken off and..... Just let me shut up for a moment and let you imagine the possibilities.... I mean really.... Floating objects.... interactive furniture (I just had to work that in somehow :D)

Also, Hiya to the Elementilists (I just spelled your name wrong. I know it!) I didn't actually know if you were gonna join in on the Stormed Youth boat to nowhere but welcome all the same! (I'm gonna get a call from Firezilla about 5 seconds after he reads this)

Anyway... Project Nightpyre is going well..... Got Angel up to level 8 (almost 9) in about 5 hours of playing.... I'm so good

See ya in CL

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