Friday, July 22, 2011

Evony Battle Tips/W101 Update/LOU

Hey guys! This is a sorta long post, so sit tight:

NEVER get out of Beginner's Protection!

Yep! That's right! Always take the time to build up your army and walls and buildings! Getting out of BP (Beginner's Protection) will leave you vulnerable to attack!


Now, since my sub for W101 has run out, I am now working on Alex. He is climbing up and soon to MB! I'll keep you posted!


Lastly, I have stated yet ANOTHER game. It's called Lord of Ultima. Is VERY closely resembles Evony, but is better in some some ways and is made by EA, a video gaming brand. I'll keep you guys posted on all FOUR of my games now!


-Side Note to Elementalist- Hey! Please comment or post a new post about a shorter nickname like Eley (Not Really! :P) and any other games you play and will talk about, and your guys' names! Thanks! Keep on postin'! We love ya! XD

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