Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evony Battle Tip Num. 2

Time for another tip!

There you have it! I brought this up because I was captured and colonized. However, I made peace by quitting my alliance and losing 10% of my current prestige... But now I am slowly rising up and building up an awesome army!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Games I play

Yeah, sorry for not posting guys. Since I don't have a membership I'm not going into the game much.

Anyway I thought I'd give you a quick run-down of what I've been up to in the world of computer gaming:

Free Realms-
I'm playing as a human adventurer I just got to level 16 and I'm thinking of starting my own guild. I also play as a Card Duelist and got to level 14 with that (Card Dueling is the BEST way to get clothes and such)

Just got to over 100k prestige on na35. Also got past 800k prestige on na30, I also got a position as the diplomat for our alliance. Awesome!

I, in all honesty, have nothing. Played KI Free Games a bit but didn't get anything good.

Yeah, that's it. Just checking in. Bye guys!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Activities

            Hey again, I thought I'd just give a little update on what i'm up to in game.

            Well , not really in game, but i have been frantically playing KI free games a lot, to no success mostly. I have gotten a few great items however, like a blue raptor, FOG Unicorn, Staff of the Quarent, (I wonder if I spelled that right) and death scarab. The game i usually play is Doodle Dug, and I have been searching again and again for the "secret" method to getting 100,000+ points, and I'd love to know it.

           I also started gardening. I have before, and am already a Grandmaster. But now I am growing Prickly Bears, for the mega snacks of course.  And maaaaaybe I'll garden some other stuf for Tcs or something later.

Anyway, the guys asked me if I played any other games that I would talk about, and I do play DDO and a little Minecraft, so you might hear about those from time to time.

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!

P.S. Firezilla, you can just call me Mark or Mark Stormhunter if you wanna. I know Elementalist is a mouthful XD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Evony Battle Tips/W101 Update/LOU

Hey guys! This is a sorta long post, so sit tight:

NEVER get out of Beginner's Protection!

Yep! That's right! Always take the time to build up your army and walls and buildings! Getting out of BP (Beginner's Protection) will leave you vulnerable to attack!


Now, since my sub for W101 has run out, I am now working on Alex. He is climbing up and soon to MB! I'll keep you posted!


Lastly, I have stated yet ANOTHER game. It's called Lord of Ultima. Is VERY closely resembles Evony, but is better in some some ways and is made by EA, a video gaming brand. I'll keep you guys posted on all FOUR of my games now!


-Side Note to Elementalist- Hey! Please comment or post a new post about a shorter nickname like Eley (Not Really! :P) and any other games you play and will talk about, and your guys' names! Thanks! Keep on postin'! We love ya! XD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firezilla owes me one

I'm also VERY active on Evony. on na30 I have 753k prestiege but only one city. Beat that Firezilla :P
I also recently started on na35 (The server Firezilla plays on) and since I'm probably not gonna get into his alliance, I'll probably have to attack him sometime in the future. We'll have fun with that :D

We're now an official little gaming blog!!! How exciting is that?!?!?!

**Note: Yes, Storm is very stronger than me. I'd rather be allies than enemies! I "worship" Storm in Evony!**

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ima beast, Ima beast, Ima Ima Ima Beast!

... Thats just EPIC! I'm being tweeted by Evony Official, and this is my 3rd Day? It also leaves a link to thestormedstormzilla (It' that And if YOU don't believe me, find it HERE! Find it! Anyway... I updated the bar at the bottom, brought back some old stuff updated and added some stuff. Oh, and on Evony, I just created my second city, and moved to a very offensive alliance that is growing in ranks by the minute! I have around 36K of prestige. Which is like xp, shows how powerful you are, and I'm rising up the ranks! Join our alliance NULL, or Perish! hahahaha


Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey guys! I rcently started playing Evony again! My name is Cyrus IV, because if you don't know, Cyrus was my very first name, then Cyrus II on my second Age 1 account, then Cyrus III, and now Cyrus IV! If you don't understand that, that's okay! 8-)

Anyhow, I'm on server na35, snd me a message and I'll friend you! Im in the ranked 16 (May have gone up0 Alliance. I'm fairly new, this is my 2nd day. I'll send more updates on my evony life as well as my W101 adventures!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stormed Youth Reopened! (July Updates)

Sorry guys, and thanks to the elementalist for pointing that out! See? Your already helping! Anyway, we had to shut down the site for a few day to snoop around for any evidence that the hacker was still on the site, file in our new author, and to improve our security! I'm glad were re-opened and we hope to see you commenting and getting involved!

Also, new updates:

  1. Updated Security
  2. Label Cleaning- We cleaned out a lot of ueless labels!
  3. Minor Layout Changes- At the bottom we added 3 lanes and added a Topics app that lets you find certain things!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome our newest member!

Welcome Elementalist! Welcome! I hope you enjoy helping us expand our blog! Well, hmmm... I can say very much at the moment. Leave a response welcoming our newet member! Storm, you may ad on to this!


Just got back from the last Harry Potter movie....

And I gotta say... It rocked!

Now onto my new idea for the day: (Just today, don't expect my awesome ideas on a daily basis)
I want a castle. Like a huge one. Like Hogwarts. Only accessable to those who earn the Master of (Their school) badges. Then your Professor would say something to the effect of "You're ready. Enter the magical gates that just appeared and enter the Ravenwood Academy of Yesterday" and then you could travel back in time and see all the professors as they were before Malistare rose up to power. Plus you could explore the castle and see the classrooms before they were broken off and..... Just let me shut up for a moment and let you imagine the possibilities.... I mean really.... Floating objects.... interactive furniture (I just had to work that in somehow :D)

Also, Hiya to the Elementilists (I just spelled your name wrong. I know it!) I didn't actually know if you were gonna join in on the Stormed Youth boat to nowhere but welcome all the same! (I'm gonna get a call from Firezilla about 5 seconds after he reads this)

Anyway... Project Nightpyre is going well..... Got Angel up to level 8 (almost 9) in about 5 hours of playing.... I'm so good

See ya in CL

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey Guys!

            Hey everyone! My name is Mark StormHunter I'm new to Stormed Youth, (as you probably noticed) but I'm not new to blogging. You can visit my blog here. There you can read about the adventures of myself, as well as my two friends, Mark Raventhorn and Zachary Ravendreamer. I would be overjoyed if you would check us out. But enough about my blog!

             I am very pleased to be here, as well as honored. and I hope my posts will be enjoyable to read. Stormed Youth is a very nice blog, keep up the good work guys!

See you in the Spiral!
Happy Gaming!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project: Nightpyre

Introducing the Nightpyre Project! In this project i''l try to see how far I can gert on a FTP (Free To Play) account. There will be updates on Leveling, Pets, and much much more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dusty got a new style and pet updates

Well I haven't played Dustin in a while but the other day I suddenly found a new use for him... Pet Training!
Samuel can't train pets, he has his garden to take care of, and he can't really quest so.... He wastes all his energy and can't pass the time
until he has more. Therefore Dusty gets a new look for his new phase of pet training!
What do you think? Should I keep this look on Dustin or go back to the old Black and Red? Help me decide by commenting!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hackers. No more! Lets Celebrate!

With my newest battle tip! I was gonna do one the day the hacks started but I got kinda busy there fore..... Here it is...... Drum roll please....

Kill the Life Monster first in a battle! They can heal, making them harder to defeat, so if you get enough pips to kill them. Kill 'em!

Yeah, that's pretty much it.....
Anyway i have a slight change in my summer goals list:

Sammy is now going to Legendary (If I get my Sub back)

Dusty now is going to level 55 (Probably not)


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hacking News

Hello, Well now that I'M back online, I have to say sorry for the big incident. It was completely unexpected and a personal offence to me. I did my track, and as I wait to become an admin again, I will keep tracking. I will look for activity once I'm an admin, but for now, here's my list:

  • The Hacks were transmitted from a mobile device
  • It is likely that the hacker was targeting us for R.G.P. or Redirect, Growth, and Power. It means that he would take away our fans and later seize control of our site, then redirect our audience to a new site, and then have a head start on a blog.
  • The messages was possibly an encrypted code.

Please! If you have any info, comment publicly, or send us a e-mail to privately.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alright this is getting Riduclous

Firezilla, get your account un-hacked and call me when you do. This is just getting annoying. You're the tech guy, work you techy magic and fix it!

We'll have this cleaned up soon, thanks for you patience and just so you know, you guys are the best!!!!

You feel the need to act THIS immature. We're an innocent blog who just wants to help and entertain.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorry Firezilla

But that was just weird, I'll invite you back in when you explain to me what that was about.

I think Firezilla's been hacked. Either that or he's gone crazy. Or he's trying to post from his phone. One of the 3. I'm gonna remove his posting power until he explains it.

You're not bringing quality info you don't getting posting privileges. That's all.


New Shortcut key!

I don't know if this shortcut key is new to you but I've never noticed it before.

have you ever wanted to put up the compass but have been too lazy to use your mouse? Well then the new Number Pad delete key is the one for you.

You know how on a normal computer there's a delete key on the number pad? well press that and it brings up the compass. Handy right!

See ya in CL