Friday, June 24, 2011

Wizard101 House Siege

Alright, so last night I'm hanging out with my friend Madison DragonHeart at her Massive Fantasy Palace and she says
"Hey Sam, wanna play House Siege?"
and I ask her "Whats House Siege?"
she replies "Its a game. There are 2 teams one on the inside of the house and one on the outside. The team on the outside is trying to get inside and to the center of the house without getting spotted by the team that is defending the inside. The owner of the house cannot be an interference with the game, like by trapping players and such."
"How do we pick the teams?" I asked
"Usually we just do boys vs girls but if there aren't even number of people we'll just pick 2 team captains and do it the old school way."
"So..... your friends are coming over to play House Siege any minute now aren't they?"
"Yep..... wanna play?
So in the end Maddie and I ended up dominating House Siege. Out team ended up being Dustin FairyFeind, Logan Skullcrafter, Madison Dragonheart, and me, Sam Thunderbane.

Now I'm thinking about making a group for this on Wizard101 Central but I just wanted to share it with you first.

Helpful Hint: the Massive Fantasy Palace is the best house to play this on because it has the most ways in and out.

See ya in CL
P.S I'm going to start running these matches off a different blog. Make sure to follow it when I get it up

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