Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Tomorrow, New Video, Recording What!?, Aviar, Malistaire Cut-scene, and IMPORTANT NOTICE! (Weekly "Stuff" Episode 8)

I thought I might as well get that up first. It's Tomorrow! Eeek!

Anyhow, I see we're expanding the blog. Storm, invite as an administrator to that blog so I can make it all techy and cool. So anyway, I was thinking, Why not have a recording button in-game, they automatically save  pictures to a document, but I think it's time we add an in-game video recorder. This will greatly expand the user community, not that we need anymore more growth. Our community is big enough now! :P

Here's the all new video. Sorry for terrible lag, my game was horribly lagging that day, but you can see bits and pieces. It's not your computer that's lagging, It's in the video. Also we got a brad new introduction segment. No ads in it, and much more epic! Without further ado, Lights, Camera, ACTION:


Epic Huh? Yeah, I'm still gettin' the hang of it. So, What's all your guys' wear for the ball? Hmmm? This is what I'm going with:

So, Aviar. I've been somewhat updating it, minor touches, and soon (In like 5 years! :P) It might be playable! :) With my game making software over at Xtra Games Online (From now on I will call it XGO).
Go check it out up at the top of the blog and by clicking "Aviar" 

Oh, and check out Malistaire new epic-er cut scene!

Yeah... Oh and last but THE BEST!



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