Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Battle Strategy for Celestia Boss Fights

Kill the minion.

I don't care what boss fight you're in.

Kill the minion first.

This is so that you don't have a constant stream of damage coming from the minion.

Do any of you remember on Ravenwood Radio: Myth Study Hall, when the Mythspent Youth mentioned that the first Myth Minion (The puppet) can do up to 1,000 damage, becasue they just keep going, and going, and going?

Well a minion in a boss fight can work a little like that puppet. Unless they're stopped they'll just keep going, and going, and going.

Example Time: (For the purposes of this example bosses have been made up

You're in a boss fight with Lord ShadeSpark.

He has 2,670 health.

His minion is an Elder Eagle (1,400 Health)

You, have 3,580 health.

During the battle you take 2,260 hit points FROM LORD SHADESPARK ALONE.

Thus making your health at the moment 1,320.

Now lets add on the minions damage,

During the course of the battle the Elder Eagle minion inflicted 1,400 damage.

You only had 1,320 health left from Lord ShadeSpark.

So what happens now?

You die.

Yeah, that's right. That darn Elder Eagle got the better of you.

You just got bested by a bird.


End of example.

I really don't know what spurred me to write this post but I've been doing a bunch of boss battles in Celestia and I've found that this strategy works best when battling with a storm wizard (which I often do)

Now I know that killing the minion might be tough but honestly, next to killing the boss or getting healed to full health. Its one of the things that might turn the tide of battle.

See ya in CL

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