Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goals for the Summer

My goal list for the Summer:

  • Get Dustin to Legendary and get all the Legendary Gear (That's the big one. Its the one I'm going to have to work the hardest to get. Also will probably be the most fun :P )

  • Get Samuel to level 55 (He's already level 50 so it shouldn't be too hard)

  • William to 30 and into Marleybone (Probably not gonna happen but if I can finish up Wizard City this week he can go onto Krok)

  • Mason to level 15 (He's level 9 and I'm not too worried about this one)

So what do ya think? Are these pretty reasonable goals? (With our family vacation out of the way I'll have a lot of time to play) Well, I guess we'll find out when school starts up again.
For now,
Keep on beating baddies :)

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