Thursday, June 16, 2011

Construction: A No More!

Hey Guys! I am finished! Quick! Let me give you the grand tour!

  • In the sidebar there is a new follow by e-mail. Enter your e-mail and receive our posts via e-mail!
  • In the sidebar there is an all new way to view the links! Click the Links picture and it will take you to the links page! Only click on the words though...
  • New fonts! You should have seen them by now.
  • A new favicon! That is the little Icon by our feed on Friendly's blog and others. So you can point us out to your friends ;)
  • A super cool awesome new spectacular, um... What was I saying? Oh yeah! Xtra Games Online (Used to just be Xtras) or XGO. Is a new standalone gaming blog. I still work on it and it will have W101 games. If only I could get some games up. That's my next project!
  • Some old things like StormedYouth TV are gone


Do you have and use google chrome? If you do... Head over to this link:

You'll see an "apply theme" button. Press it and WHOOSH! You now have the very first Stormed Youth Basic Google Chrome Browser Theme!

I'm so happy I could make a game! Hey! That's a great idea! Head on over to    
to play some games!

AND! W101 is fixed for me! After countless months, It finally works! Oh, and storm, I tried it every single day!



1 comment:

  1. Niiice! I got a Storm Logo on my Firefox, so this was new to me, as I like Chrome much better anyways. Glad you can play W101 again as well :)


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