Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle Tip #1

Alright, like 5 minutes after I posted that if we got 30 followers I'd do something special we got 30 followers so here's the first in my Battle Tips of the Week! Series.

I'll probably add it in the sidebar so it can be viewed anytime during the week.
Here's our first tip:

Say you're facing two enemies and they have the same amount of health.

You have a choice to kill one of them, which one do you kill?

Kill the one with the most pips.

You wanna know why? Well its because the one with more pips has the potential to do the most damage.

And whats the one thing you wanna avoid at all costs in a battle? That's right, damage.

So that's Stormzilla's battle tip of the week: Kill the enemy with the most pips first!

See ya in CL

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