Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball, 2nd Annual 4th of July Fireworks Fiesta!

Well, My pictures didn't work, so I'm mad right now. Hmph.

Anywho, The ball was a blast! I saw friendly, hung out at tens of houses, yeah... It was all fun and games!

So, to make this a quickie, I'm sum it up.

On July 4th is the 2nd Annual Fireworks Fiesta! Join us in Vampire Realm 1 on July 4th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sammy got a Flashlight!!!!

And a Jellyfish. But more importantly a Flashlight!
Sammy also got up to level 56 today....With the help of some random storm wizard.... Go Random Storm Wizard who's now my friend but his name is now escaping me...
And Sam got his Storm Snake up to adult and now he cna randomly cast storm shiels.
I'm thinking about making a podcast while doing dungeons and other random things with my characters in Wiard101.... Stay tuned for more

Anyway that's all for now.....
See ya in CL

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Tomorrow, New Video, Recording What!?, Aviar, Malistaire Cut-scene, and IMPORTANT NOTICE! (Weekly "Stuff" Episode 8)

I thought I might as well get that up first. It's Tomorrow! Eeek!

Anyhow, I see we're expanding the blog. Storm, invite as an administrator to that blog so I can make it all techy and cool. So anyway, I was thinking, Why not have a recording button in-game, they automatically save  pictures to a document, but I think it's time we add an in-game video recorder. This will greatly expand the user community, not that we need anymore more growth. Our community is big enough now! :P

Here's the all new video. Sorry for terrible lag, my game was horribly lagging that day, but you can see bits and pieces. It's not your computer that's lagging, It's in the video. Also we got a brad new introduction segment. No ads in it, and much more epic! Without further ado, Lights, Camera, ACTION:


Epic Huh? Yeah, I'm still gettin' the hang of it. So, What's all your guys' wear for the ball? Hmmm? This is what I'm going with:

So, Aviar. I've been somewhat updating it, minor touches, and soon (In like 5 years! :P) It might be playable! :) With my game making software over at Xtra Games Online (From now on I will call it XGO).
Go check it out up at the top of the blog and by clicking "Aviar" 

Oh, and check out Malistaire new epic-er cut scene!

Yeah... Oh and last but THE BEST!



If you would like to help us by posting post every so often, even once a month, leave a comment saying so and your e-mail. If you would like us to interview you, leave a comment with your e-mail saying you would like us to interview you!



Wizard101 House Siege

Alright, so last night I'm hanging out with my friend Madison DragonHeart at her Massive Fantasy Palace and she says
"Hey Sam, wanna play House Siege?"
and I ask her "Whats House Siege?"
she replies "Its a game. There are 2 teams one on the inside of the house and one on the outside. The team on the outside is trying to get inside and to the center of the house without getting spotted by the team that is defending the inside. The owner of the house cannot be an interference with the game, like by trapping players and such."
"How do we pick the teams?" I asked
"Usually we just do boys vs girls but if there aren't even number of people we'll just pick 2 team captains and do it the old school way."
"So..... your friends are coming over to play House Siege any minute now aren't they?"
"Yep..... wanna play?
So in the end Maddie and I ended up dominating House Siege. Out team ended up being Dustin FairyFeind, Logan Skullcrafter, Madison Dragonheart, and me, Sam Thunderbane.

Now I'm thinking about making a group for this on Wizard101 Central but I just wanted to share it with you first.

Helpful Hint: the Massive Fantasy Palace is the best house to play this on because it has the most ways in and out.

See ya in CL
P.S I'm going to start running these matches off a different blog. Make sure to follow it when I get it up

Thursday, June 23, 2011

158k Need I say more?

158, 990

Need I say more?

Reminder! Galen isn't even a legendary yet, he's only level 51.

That's enough to kill Foulgaze 289 times.
158,440 points of overkill.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball

Is June 25th , 2011 in Ravenwood (Vampire, Realm 1)

Samuel will be there sporting his new favorite outfit and sword and I expect to see you all there

Epic Overkill

16,256 damage

37,232 damage.

Galen and I are awesome.

Must I say more?


Battle Tip #1

Alright, like 5 minutes after I posted that if we got 30 followers I'd do something special we got 30 followers so here's the first in my Battle Tips of the Week! Series.

I'll probably add it in the sidebar so it can be viewed anytime during the week.
Here's our first tip:

Say you're facing two enemies and they have the same amount of health.

You have a choice to kill one of them, which one do you kill?

Kill the one with the most pips.

You wanna know why? Well its because the one with more pips has the potential to do the most damage.

And whats the one thing you wanna avoid at all costs in a battle? That's right, damage.

So that's Stormzilla's battle tip of the week: Kill the enemy with the most pips first!

See ya in CL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yay! I'm so happy! Storm's startin' a series. I finished my big project, but I still might do somin' somin'!

Since Geek Lord finished his geek-y stuff

I was scrolling around the site, checking new stuff out when I noticed,
We have 29 followers!!
Just 1 more and we make it to 30.

If we reach 30 followers I promise that I'll make a new little mini-series on battle tips. I might even get a guest blogger to put a post up every once in a while.

*Begs for one more follower*

Think, battle tips and guest bloggers.

Just. One. More.

See ya in CL

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Construction: A No More!

Hey Guys! I am finished! Quick! Let me give you the grand tour!

  • In the sidebar there is a new follow by e-mail. Enter your e-mail and receive our posts via e-mail!
  • In the sidebar there is an all new way to view the links! Click the Links picture and it will take you to the links page! Only click on the words though...
  • New fonts! You should have seen them by now.
  • A new favicon! That is the little Icon by our feed on Friendly's blog and others. So you can point us out to your friends ;)
  • A super cool awesome new spectacular, um... What was I saying? Oh yeah! Xtra Games Online (Used to just be Xtras) or XGO. Is a new standalone gaming blog. I still work on it and it will have W101 games. If only I could get some games up. That's my next project!
  • Some old things like StormedYouth TV are gone


Do you have and use google chrome? If you do... Head over to this link:

You'll see an "apply theme" button. Press it and WHOOSH! You now have the very first Stormed Youth Basic Google Chrome Browser Theme!

I'm so happy I could make a game! Hey! That's a great idea! Head on over to    
to play some games!

AND! W101 is fixed for me! After countless months, It finally works! Oh, and storm, I tried it every single day!



Pet Hatching. Rules.

You wanna know why? Well its because Leo (Dustin's Wraith) + Lord Cosmo (Sam's Hydra) =

Prince Harry!!!!!
Yes, Sam's Reaver is British ;)

And since I didn't want to step on any royal British toes, I renamed him Teddy!

Along with Sam's new Dragonriders Deathblade from the Dragon's Hoard pack they look scary don't they?

I forgot to mention that Sam's Hydra got to Adult didn't I?
Oops, sorry guys.

See ya in CL

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Battle Strategy for Celestia Boss Fights

Kill the minion.

I don't care what boss fight you're in.

Kill the minion first.

This is so that you don't have a constant stream of damage coming from the minion.

Do any of you remember on Ravenwood Radio: Myth Study Hall, when the Mythspent Youth mentioned that the first Myth Minion (The puppet) can do up to 1,000 damage, becasue they just keep going, and going, and going?

Well a minion in a boss fight can work a little like that puppet. Unless they're stopped they'll just keep going, and going, and going.

Example Time: (For the purposes of this example bosses have been made up

You're in a boss fight with Lord ShadeSpark.

He has 2,670 health.

His minion is an Elder Eagle (1,400 Health)

You, have 3,580 health.

During the battle you take 2,260 hit points FROM LORD SHADESPARK ALONE.

Thus making your health at the moment 1,320.

Now lets add on the minions damage,

During the course of the battle the Elder Eagle minion inflicted 1,400 damage.

You only had 1,320 health left from Lord ShadeSpark.

So what happens now?

You die.

Yeah, that's right. That darn Elder Eagle got the better of you.

You just got bested by a bird.


End of example.

I really don't know what spurred me to write this post but I've been doing a bunch of boss battles in Celestia and I've found that this strategy works best when battling with a storm wizard (which I often do)

Now I know that killing the minion might be tough but honestly, next to killing the boss or getting healed to full health. Its one of the things that might turn the tide of battle.

See ya in CL

Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess who paid Malistare a visit last night?

And no, it wasn't Santa.

It was Sam!!!!

And guess who beat Malistare last night?

Wait, I want to clarify, what "rough start"?
I swear I didn't mean to drop his underwear on the sidewalk outside of his classroom. Really, I didn't ;)

But anyway.... Now Samuel Thunderbane is the newest Celestian Hero.

See ya in CL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My To-Dos

Here's my list:

  • To finish updating the site (now 50% done!)
  • To open up our own domain website
  • To improve others' blogs
And that's all I got so far. Hmph...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goals for the Summer

My goal list for the Summer:

  • Get Dustin to Legendary and get all the Legendary Gear (That's the big one. Its the one I'm going to have to work the hardest to get. Also will probably be the most fun :P )

  • Get Samuel to level 55 (He's already level 50 so it shouldn't be too hard)

  • William to 30 and into Marleybone (Probably not gonna happen but if I can finish up Wizard City this week he can go onto Krok)

  • Mason to level 15 (He's level 9 and I'm not too worried about this one)

So what do ya think? Are these pretty reasonable goals? (With our family vacation out of the way I'll have a lot of time to play) Well, I guess we'll find out when school starts up again.
For now,
Keep on beating baddies :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Relay the Delay...

Hallo. Er... Hello. I'm here to say that the games that I promised, yeah, they're delayed. The server crashed again at about five days ago. I am trying to bring them up, but still yet to update the blog with the construction. We are officially 25% done with construction. YAY! We got the major updates out of the way, but in the long run, have minor and still some majors left. You can always refer to construction notes page. The games will be up in the month I hope...


Thursday, June 2, 2011

You'll never guess what I saw on Facebook the other day

An add for Wizard101!
In this add it was like
"Can you beat Level 100?"
I then asked myself, what level 100 are they speaking of?
Well loyal readers of this blog. What level 100 are they talking about in this Facebook add that I saw?
Leave comments and more posts from me soon! :)
Keep on beating baddies