Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Updates 2011

Here we go!

  1. Game Servers back online
  2. New Rating system at all new posts! Rate them with stars and/or a word response. Easier than commented but means the same! ;)
  3. New posting updates, including page breaks for intros or long posts (Example at the end of post), comments now responses, "Posted by" now "Written By", and touch ups. Also a sharing bar after all new posts!
  4. Now subscribe by e-mail! On the sidebar just scroll down and enter in your e-mail!

*Note* All crossed out things will go live hopefully and eventually, but we are under construction! Bear with us!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION- For the next month or so, Stormed Youth will be undergoing some major changes, to make our blog simple, fun, up-to-date, and, well... EPIC! Bear with us please!

Here's the example:

See how it works? Cool Huh?!?

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