Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Test Realm is Open!!!!

I'm making this a quickie (as Aaron calls it) link to update notes is below, William reached level 15, and Aaron should try Wizard101 on his laptop because I have IE9 and I can still play (Is someone a little too lazy to try to play the best MMO in the world? Shame Aaron, shame)
*Shuns Aaron* Try it buddy! It'll work!


  1. What are you talking about I play just about every day and I have just leveled my dragon to adult and hatched it with my colossus and it hatches in 15 hours or so (pictures then on my blog). Also I happen to have tried to get the test realm all day to get pictures of the new crowns gear and Wintertusk but it has been full so I can't get in. Also I do play it on my Laptop. Finally I have Firefox not IE 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 so what are you saying? I'm confused or are you talking about a different Aaron? Or maybe you are talking about my shorter posts lately? Please explain

  2. Lol, talking about Firezilla. His wizards name is Aaron. Ima start calling him Brady to avoid confusion

  3. Oh...
    that might help
    sorry about that


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