Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Member.....

Brady (Firezilla) keeps all the good info to himself, like we're getting a new writer?!?! I happen to be alive and have a cell phone Brady, you know how to access me. Plus, I didn't even know we HAD a policy. Just cause I was gone doesn't mean you can keep me out of the loop buddy.....

Anyway, toying around with the idea of William being my next grand, I so would (he'd be my own personal IcyWiz :) but I'm not really feeling the school of ice yet. I mean with a storm secondary Will does away with baddies fairly quickly and comes out with a good amount of health but its just tedious to be doing all the Wizard City quests again, I haven't even reached the fun part yet. So leave your comments and help me decide, who should be my next grand William (Ice) Mason (Storm) or Liam (Fire) come on readers.... Help the writer out!!! Actually, I think I'll make a poll so we can see the results easily. Thats all, new poll up soon and Brady (Firezilla) had better let me in the loop again.

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