Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Member.....

Brady (Firezilla) keeps all the good info to himself, like we're getting a new writer?!?! I happen to be alive and have a cell phone Brady, you know how to access me. Plus, I didn't even know we HAD a policy. Just cause I was gone doesn't mean you can keep me out of the loop buddy.....

Anyway, toying around with the idea of William being my next grand, I so would (he'd be my own personal IcyWiz :) but I'm not really feeling the school of ice yet. I mean with a storm secondary Will does away with baddies fairly quickly and comes out with a good amount of health but its just tedious to be doing all the Wizard City quests again, I haven't even reached the fun part yet. So leave your comments and help me decide, who should be my next grand William (Ice) Mason (Storm) or Liam (Fire) come on readers.... Help the writer out!!! Actually, I think I'll make a poll so we can see the results easily. Thats all, new poll up soon and Brady (Firezilla) had better let me in the loop again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Test Realm is Open!!!!

I'm making this a quickie (as Aaron calls it) link to update notes is below, William reached level 15, and Aaron should try Wizard101 on his laptop because I have IE9 and I can still play (Is someone a little too lazy to try to play the best MMO in the world? Shame Aaron, shame)
*Shuns Aaron* Try it buddy! It'll work!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stormzilla's guide to navigating the streets with ease.

A quick guide to navigating the streets with ease:

In Marleybone: THERE ARE SIDEWALKS! SO STOP COMPLAINING! If you look close enough there are well-defined sidewalks. I think that the world of Marleybone is all one color, grey, so you don't really see the sidewalk unless you look for it.

If you're cocky enough you can walk down the middle of streets. I do not advise this but if you do here are some tips;

Go with the flow- if your walking down the middle of the street (Which I don't advise you do) I advise that you stay to one side and go the same direction as the enemies

Watch out for re-spawns- Enemies tend to re-spawn randomly and come out of nowhere, watch out for these because they've gotten me into many street fights before. I'm crossing the streets and randomly a really tough enemy re-spawns and pulls me into a battle. It stinks, its not really fair. But its life. Deal with it

Stay away from cracks in the road- This rule applies to Dragonspyre espically where there are quite a few cracks in the road like this one:
Enemies can very easily pull you into a battle while you skirting around the outside of one of these. Don't. Go. Near. These. Cross the road, do whatever you have to jut avoid these like the plague.

Well, there ya have it. A quick guide to navigating the streets with ease. Brought to you by Stormzilla. Enjoy :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Member (Well, Pending...)

Hey Guys! This is a quickie! We have a new member in the midst. We won't tell you yet, but go ahead and guess! I dare you! Hahahaha!!!

Time to get serious:

We are pending a new writer for the Stormed Youth. The Writer owns a blog already. We are waiting for him to read our policy and to finish the paperwork.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry, Sorry, and Sorry some more

Yeah........... Title says it all...... I've been working on a really big guide so that'll be my 'Sorry' present to you all..... Be happy its an awesome guide and I don't think its been done before :) I just have to make a couple last minute revisions and the guide'll be up before the days over. Enjoy it!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farewell Hero.... (A Letter To Friendly)

Dear Friendly,

     I have really enjoyed your time here in our community. You have greatly impacted everyone to play and enjoy. You probably spent over 100 hours on that blog no less, and without you, we wouldn't of taken off to what we are now. I am here to say thank you Friendly, for all that you have done. I always will look up to you, and when me and Storm were talking about hiring more writer to our blog, we saw that you are not posting very much anymore. We joked about how you could join our blog, and post from time to time. See, we talk about you, everyone does. So to you I say good bye, old friend, mentor, role-model, hero. Thanks for all that you do. Goodbye Friend.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Virtual Pet (By Aaron Starheart), JOBS TOO!, Farewell the our hero..., AVIAR! (Weekly "Stuff" Episode 7)

Cool Huh? Aaron? You there? This is it! You go to design, then add gadget. From there you scroll down to HTML/JavaScript. Then enter it, then done or save. There it is! It's neat huh?



We aren't posting very much, so we've decided to hire some writers. So here it is. I've created a form that I'll send via e-mail, reply and fill it out, then we'll see. We used 2007 Word. If that doesn't work, we have a form just in words. So everyones welcome to help us out!

Have you ever wanted a blog?

but never wanted to edit the template, all you want is to get your message across to the world on a some-what popular blog but don't have the time?




BYE FRIENDLY! *Sobs and cries and whines*

In other news:


Right now I'm working on a new housing type scenario! Tell me what you think about the main map first!

Bye! Oh, and why is this episode so short? Well, there's another part above you, the letter farewell to Friendly *Sobs, cries, and act like baby* It okay... And we are very busy! We would appreciate if you join our blog, you don't even have to post a lot!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Game: Free Realms!

Hey Guys! I Started playing FreeRealms on the PS3, and now on the computer! Already do I have a Lifetime Membership on the PS3! I've been so caught up in that game! Gosh... Well, on the computer, all I do is farm and stuff, while on the PS3, I am a level 8 Archer right now, a level 8 chef, and a level 5 miner, and a level 4 Adventurer! All the others are level one! I love it!

Here's a patrol I did BEFORE I GOT JASPER! THE NINJA DEAD SUPER GHOST CAT! A new video soon!

-Video Doesn't Work! Check back later!-


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Big Milestone!

I'm gonna make this a Quickie,


YES WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!! We are over 20% of 100 Followers! We are 21% Done! We are very happy that blogs now look up to US, and we are still growing!


Helpin' Dem Blogs! (Episode 1)

Okay, this is a new series about helping W101 blogs! In our very first episode, I helped Aaron Starheart! Go check him out at The Epic Thaumaturge! It's in the sidebar! Anyway, I got the honor to recreate his new header, see if you guys like it and LEAVE A COMMENT! It makes meh happey  when you do! (I also like slang!)

Here's the difference:


Now here's the new picture he gave meh:


Like it? I know you do! Any other blogs out there that need a new header? E-MAIL ME THE PICTURE YOU WANT TO! Fy-yah-ze-la is out!


Monday, April 4, 2011

New mini-series!!!!!

Yays I have more time for Wizard now!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of this time I think I'll finish up Dragonspyre with Sam and do an in depth look at some of the towers and unique challenges that Dragonspyre poses for young wizards plus I'll probably ask Firezilla to help me video my run through Malistare's Lair... Oh yes, and can you guess what this new mini-series will be called???

A Crack-down on Dragonspyre

Thats all I have for right now, See ya in Dragonspyre everyone ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Site (Non-W101 Related [Sort of])

Well, just launched, it will feature all our W101 games, vids, and pics, as well as some others! We are very excited to get this underway, so if you could, please check it out as it will be updated very much in the future! If you could also, please sign up to be a member too! We will add to our database soon. Also, all mini-games are offline again, something is extremely wrong with the engine. Too old, or going bankrupt. If this continues, they might be offline for good! Oh noes!


April Updates (2011)

Here we go! New updates are in the bag!

Anyway... Here are some new updates:

  • OnSite Twitter Feeds Are Live!
  • BETA is gone, a new mobile (Or Fast-Loading) site with no big load files is here at the bottom in the "The Links" Tab                                     
  • NewView is available in the bottom bar under the links.
  • Aviar is Announced
  • A New Logo Buisness is here! Leave a comment if you want a better blog, and e-mail us at of what pics you want!