Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tech Time w/ Firezilla!

Hey Guys! Some of you have been wondering a lot about 'HTML coding' and what's behind the scenes.
Well, Here you go!

     The behind the scenes for The Stormed Youth is very hard work, constantly working on updates, posting, socializing with our friends... Here's an overview of our jobs:


The Main Job of Stormzilla is to rulez the blog. Storm makes the final decisions of everything about our blog.

President of Stormed Youth- Storm monitors the blog and decides on the final decisions

Admin of Twitter- Storm works over at Twitter to connect with our fans

Admin of Posting- Every post on this site has been run through Storm, she posts a lot too!


Can't think of many more-Storm, if you can, add any you feel like are your responsibility!



I'm more of the behind the scenes guy! 

Vice-President - I mostly am second-in-charge here!

Admin of HTML Coding- I edit those really long codes, like:  

Admin of Design- I overall work on the logo, background, and stuff like that!

-You can find it updated later on the jobs page, and job openings in the future!


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