Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Return of the FIY-YA ZILLA!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait! I see that storm hasn't posted for at least a month! Hope Storm's okay....


I wasn't on because of that darn issue with IE9! I deleted it and everything, no luck... I'm still deeply in mad with rage that KI hasn't even mentioned the issue yet! Grrrrr..... So, I was thinking, why not work on some really big project while I'm offline? Then it hit me:

Why Not?

So hey! Just updated quick, and expect a project! Leave a Comment! Oh, and Also if you want your blog in the Blogger Club tell us your blog address, it must be one month old, appropriate, and Wizard101 related!

GO CHECK OUT THE BLOGGER CLUB!!!!! (While were offline for a day or two)


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