Thursday, March 31, 2011

OhMyGosh I'm so sorry

Yeah............... Not much to this but can't post at the moment because of irl stuff................ Sorry but I'll still be posting so every so often but not much

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aviar: The New World

Hey Guys! Check out the updated page of the new world: Aviar!

"A World inhabited by birds!"

Seriously, got any ideas? Leave a comment on this post or the page! Anywho

Monday, March 28, 2011

If eleven elves ate eight eggs at evening...

Hey! I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss me? I know you did! ☺

Anyway... So you know that Stormed.Youth@Phone BETA? Yeah, it was a new thing that allowed you to view our blog on a simple HTML Coding. (For all you non-geeky types: I made it so everything loads faster and is very simple!) ☺ (Don't you love those Alt Codes?)

So, I've been thinking, and what do you guys want? Hmmm? I'm serious! Leave a comment on What YOU want To See! LEAVE A COMMENT! I don't mean to yell...

So what DO you want? I working on a new world concept, And I have this so far...

-Click to Enlarge-

So, as you can see, We have a Barren Forest near some very rigid mountains, and a volcano! Can anyone think of a storyline?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Return of the FIY-YA ZILLA!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait! I see that storm hasn't posted for at least a month! Hope Storm's okay....


I wasn't on because of that darn issue with IE9! I deleted it and everything, no luck... I'm still deeply in mad with rage that KI hasn't even mentioned the issue yet! Grrrrr..... So, I was thinking, why not work on some really big project while I'm offline? Then it hit me:

Why Not?

So hey! Just updated quick, and expect a project! Leave a Comment! Oh, and Also if you want your blog in the Blogger Club tell us your blog address, it must be one month old, appropriate, and Wizard101 related!

GO CHECK OUT THE BLOGGER CLUB!!!!! (While were offline for a day or two)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey Guys! We've Closed a Deal with and here is our new VIDEO! (We had to Advertise a little...)


Wintertusk, Evil Babies, and New World Idea Help!(Weekly Stuff Episode 6)

Wowz! Even OUR site is gaining a lot of attention from Wintertusk! Our best post (Or WAS I should say) Was "The -Zillas of the Spiral!" Or Weekly Stuff Episode 3, however, check out the NEW most visited post:

*NOTE* This is updated to show newer posts, this is not THE MOST ALL TIME viewed post!

Wowz! Also Two Comments already! We here LOVE Comments! Keep it up! Anywho, I decided to look more in depth before any other big blog did. So here you go!


In Depth Look Of Wintertusk
~By Firezilla~

Well, first I checked out the Actual Wizard101 Site:

I found general info here like:

Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards. 


Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets* for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez. 

So yeah... I also found this...

Just a reminder - this is NOT in the Live Game. This is NOT in the Test Realm - will will continue to make announcements about this update in the future.

So yes.. This will be updated! Then I headed over to

...and found the same thing... Hmmm...

HERE! Some new info over at HammerFistClan!

Wizard101 is preparing to launch its eighth world, Wintertusk. Players will be seeing a whole new zone as well as some advancements in the lore. “In addition to some really great high end content, we've also focused on the lore,” Howard said. “One of the drivers of the success of Wizard101 has been our focus on storytelling and really drawing players into the story. In Wintertusk, you really complete the story of Grandmother Raven. She's been touched on throughout the game, and you know she's a pretty big figure in Wizard101, but you'll finally get the chance to really complete her storyline. So we're really excited to get that out there.”
Wintertusk also brings new level 58 pets for each main school of focus. “So high level players can complete some quests and get some really cool new pets,” Howard said.
But the patch isn't just focusing on high level players. “We're also launching a new lower level zone,” Howard said. The team is bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue. Teen star Selena Gomez made an appearance in Wizard101 last year, the return of this zone follows the Crab King's story after her departure. “He's been exposed to the whole rock and roll world, went on tour, and he's come back now as the Rock Lobster. I think that's gonna be a lot of fun for all players to play through,” Howard said.

EPIC! That tells a smudge more!

Looking ova at Massivley, I found this little info:

One of the really fascinating things with games in general is that you can design something for one use, and players find neat and completely unexpected ways to use it. I love how with housing, our players have been able to stack things on top of one another, and they've been able to make bridges out into spaces that we never intended for gameplay. Gamers by definition tend to like that concept of the game, and they're looking for ways to exploit nuances to define and uncover unique ways to do things. There have certainly been instances where a spell combination was too disruptive or too unbalanced in PvP and we've had to adjust it.

So I THINK they're keeping it! Yay!

That's really all the info I can find  as of right now! I'll also be continuing this in a visual way in CoolPics Episode 3!


Anyway... Back to IE9, grrrrrrr..... right! AM I RIGHT!



*Yeah! So?*

Anyway... I got to thinkin' and wouldn't it be cool to design a complete new world over here at Stormed Youth?


Then we will put up a poll! Okay? You like meh Idea!

*Yes I do!*

Thanks! Anyway, Fixed the Commercial Issue on Stormed Youth TV, and added an update log at the bottom. And why hasn't Storm been on for a while? Hmmm? Call her over a Twitter and ask her to post! :)

Now I REALLY Need to entertain youz peoplez so I've got a new YouTube Vid for you!

*Replacing s with a z, WOW, so 1980's*


(Video Does Not Work!)

Have a good one!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Stormed Youth Updates Part 2!

Hey! On Our new "The Bar" at the bottom of your screen, click on Links, then Click on BETA. There you will be taken to a new site that works specifically on new and future updates! Wanna see whats comming? Go there! The April is already up!

Wintertusk Is Announced (By Friendly of Course!)


Hey Everyone! I'm gonna just spell this out for you: EPIC:

Wintertusk Will Be the Newest World on the Spiral

If you search the term "Wintertusk Wizard101" early this morning while I type this blog post, you're going to find nothing. After eight o'clock eastern time, however, the information embargo gloves are off from KingsIsle, and you'll start to find that Google search becoming a little more populated as the news from PAX East filters in . . . because that *is* the news from PAX as far as KingsIsle is concerned.

Central and Twitter are going to explode today. It's going to be fun to watch. :)

Check out this awesome concept art!

HAHA! I just knew Grandmother Raven would make an appearance someday soon in the spiral. YES! Do you guys remember my podcast interview with J Todd Coleman and Josef Hall? When I brought up Grandmother Raven they said she'd definitely be making an appearance. Here it is. We finally get to meet her in the world of Wintertusk. Awesome.

I think it may be time to revisit Grizzleheim my friends because Wintertusk is a continuation of that story in the spiral with some surprises thrown in. Similiar to Grizzleheim (we don't know how similar yet), Wintertusk is going to offer new areas for both high-level and lower-level students of Ravenwood, but it really feels like the level 50+ crew is getting more storyline and the lower crowd is getting more of a continuation of where Crab Alley left off. As KingsIsle put it, "A revamped underwater introduction zone for lower level characters. This area will continue the story of the Crab King."

We're also getting new spells and level 58 class pets! SQUEE! Care to place any guesses to what those class pets will be? No one knows yet, but information will definitely be forthcoming over "the coming weeks." (So, no, we aren't busting into the new content just yet . . . we have "weeks" ahead of us still.)

KingsIsle isn't giving away all their surprises! They're going to slowly let us find out "the best details" of this new expansion over time.

As always, as I find out more information, you will find out more information!

Happy Dueling

OMG! Wow, um... I REALLY MISS WIZARD101! Anyway, just an old cool concept are of the unreleased Celestia Cover:

Cool Huh!?! Anyway, um... I'm just in shock...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to St. Patty's!

Hey guys! Big news! I'm finally ready to say that... I'm... Moodist! Yes! That's right! If you don't know my back story, I come from Mooshu, so I'm Moodist! Also, as you can tell, we've changed the site to meet the needs of St. Patty's! Also, look below for a flyer!


I'm just really excited, now we can even use that for WizardOps!



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey! Quickie!

Hey Guys! Updated the blog and all that, need to go to church for Ash Wednesday, but will post again VERY soon!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gwahhhhh! Compter banning stinks.

Lesson of the day: Never get banned from the computer for a week while you have a blog. Its annoying. Like. Really. Really. Annoying.

Anyway now I'm back and with some BIG news

Samuel hit grand!!!!!!

Thats right Firezilla. I can do funky stuff with computers too. haha.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newz and Stuffz

New Game over at Xtras! It's pretty cool! also, we've updated the site with a new 'Jobs' Page!

Tech Time w/ Firezilla!

Hey Guys! Some of you have been wondering a lot about 'HTML coding' and what's behind the scenes.
Well, Here you go!

     The behind the scenes for The Stormed Youth is very hard work, constantly working on updates, posting, socializing with our friends... Here's an overview of our jobs:


The Main Job of Stormzilla is to rulez the blog. Storm makes the final decisions of everything about our blog.

President of Stormed Youth- Storm monitors the blog and decides on the final decisions

Admin of Twitter- Storm works over at Twitter to connect with our fans

Admin of Posting- Every post on this site has been run through Storm, she posts a lot too!


Can't think of many more-Storm, if you can, add any you feel like are your responsibility!



I'm more of the behind the scenes guy! 

Vice-President - I mostly am second-in-charge here!

Admin of HTML Coding- I edit those really long codes, like:  

Admin of Design- I overall work on the logo, background, and stuff like that!

-You can find it updated later on the jobs page, and job openings in the future!