Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Site Q&A

Hey all! I have some Questions here.

Hey! What's with all the hearts!? I thought it was a kewl black and white background.

Well, If you must know, they're being taken down the day after Valintine's Day, just a festive way of redecorating the site! -_-

I was wondering, your e-ma0il doesn't work! OMG! The Contest!?!?! :(

Well, the e-mail doesn't work unfortunaty, but anyway... the contest will go on! Just Comment on the main contset post down further, or comment on this! The rules on that post! grrr.... I need to fix that! well anway... I've been working on the story, and unfortunally, I downloaded IE9, it's EVIL! I can do a lot of stuff on this site the easy way, and my screen randomly turns blue then goes back to normal  IE9. Rarw... BUT Anyway...

 I'd like to say that on the Beta, they planned to release Free-for-all and the tournament system. I get that. I was just starting a topic to get into some of the newer players. It's no that bad. They still need to make that spiral map too! C'mon KI! Give the horse some water!

-Before I forget, A new game is coming to soon over at Xtras! Follow that and have fun!

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