Friday, February 11, 2011

Now kids! Learn a life lesson today! *GROAN* QUIET CLASS! (Weekly "Stuff Episode 5)

So as an exuse
Random Self-Concious Teacher in My Head: *EXUSES ARE FOR FALURES!*
Anyway... I think it's time for a new contest huh!?!? New Poll?!?! New addition to the story!?!? HOW ABOUT A NEW CAR!
*Too Much is a bad thing Aaron!*
(Ignoring that) No but seriousally: A few new updates:
1. Poll Archives moved to the bottom of the page, as well as contact info
2. New Poll addded below blog archives, about main overall site 3. More of the Story has been added! Comments Please!
4. New Contest! Please Enter! Info below!
Now the POST TIME!
*O boy ...*
um... anyway...
Yeah... I need a new theme... OH WELL!
Rules: To try out our new e-mail which you can e-mail our question to, E-mail us at it. (In the contacts at bottom of page. I MAKE YOU WORK! HAHAH!
*Now be nice*
hphmm... fine.
e-mail us YOUR e-mail or central name, as well as an answer to each of these questions:
Do you like our Blog? Any ideas?
Do you have any "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" in game?
Where is the Rainbow Bridge? The main area please!
What school are you and do you like it?
What the high and low points of your school!
-Thats it! Prizes are a mystery until I get everything organized. Also, no due date as well, Still getting everything together!
On a final note,
*Already! geez*
I will now ignore that teacher noise (See what Flamea did to me!?!?!)
I found something interesting! Go check it out:
OMG! Tournement System? Free-For-All? WHEN!


  1. I shot a big e-mail, but didn't work. Would it be ok if I just commented it all on here? :)

  2. Yeah, we're working out the bugs on that hmph! You can comment here!

  3. I figured it would be fun here to answer your questions on the most recent blog post

    1. I love that little extra minigames site you made, so keep up the great techy work. I'm horrible at that stuff (nerd face! lol) Not much feedback... more from stuff in-game, screenshots, maybe?
    2. Complete no :P. Dating in Wizard101 is pretty ridiculous, I mean "your cute"... seriously... its just an avatar! "I NEED A BOY/GIRL" is even worse. Little kids are running around, you know. And you don't "NEED" one, lol.
    3. Rainbow Bridge - the Commons! You summon the Unicorn spell there too
    4. Myth is my main. Its, I guess you could say a love/hate relationship with the school. I solo Kensington Park for the Antique Cello/rare pets from Stoker a lot, and Mythblades, Froggy and Treant Polymorph is PERFECT to do the job in an hour. Although, Arlen -his name, as you can see by the e-mail- is jealous of my Life wizard a lot, who's pretty darn good at PvP and with the addition of Forest Lord does most of the farming right now. Theurges are the best for finishing Celestia, I even soloed a really tough Ice boss near the end on him (okay, after 3 tries and a lucky critical Forest Lord. But still, that guy has a lot of health and very hard minions.)
    5. Goodie on Myth - I hear its good in PvP. But I just don't feel like PvPing on Arlen, I love doing it on my Life wizard as stated though! oh, and no problems with shields cause of Orthrus. As said earlier, Kensington Park soloing isn't too hard as well.
    Bad - It, in all honesty, is not the best school. Storm was/is my favorite for half of the Spiral (Tempest & Kraken when you get them totally rock), and now the Life school is. I don't have much trouble with mob fights, what with Gargantuan, Froggy & Mythblade, though :D. It just... isn't the best, y'know?

    I hope the prizes are good :)

    Ok, copied and pasted that from e-mail that didn't work. Thats my entry!


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