Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stormed Youth Updates February 2011

New updates have been added to the site. By now you probably see both of them... anyway:

  1. Along the left-hand side, a bar to share the blog to the media has been added. It won't go away, it will just scroll with you
  2. The mouse pointer has changed to make our blog cooler! 8-)
Whew... That's A LOT of HTML editing. Do you know how long it took me to write the HTML codes, around 45 minutes! If it's for the site though... Now it ROCKS!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey! Connect with us!

Hey! A quick one here!

Our games are back online! Check us out over there! The link is in the sidebar! Also, a new contact picture is also in the sidebar at the way bottom of it too! You can comment on here, or follow us at twitter: @thestormedyouth, OR now you can check us out over at ConnectX! My Profile name is Aaron Duskriver! The link is: go to it!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to the ol' Swing of things....

Hey guys! As you could probably see, we've changed the background back to normal, as well as change our logo to a sketch! Yep! I'm getting creative with a picture editing software that runs 5 bucks a month. Now that I gots a new job! Anyway, anyone else (This is off topic) see the new Cars 2 Trailer? The one with Mater in the bathroom messing with this High tech potty? Yeah... anyway....I still can't play cause I have IE9... Grumble Grumble... So... That's it! The contest is way behind! Grrr Grrr.... Well... I'm using too much dot dot dots....


~Tell us if you want more Wizard-Spy!!!!~

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey there! I'm having so much fun this week! I'll be busy, but still get to post. Remember, I downloaded IE9, so yeah....

NEW GAME OVER AT XTRAS! as a little gift to you all! The codes are starting to come too! Still no set date, but for surez before April! (Strange huh!)

Well I Have ONE prize for you.

All of you that e-mailed us already, please comment below, if you didn't put it in your e-mail! Do you want us to add your school and answers to our WizardOps School Focus!

Anyway! Our new game is a bit different than the other games, our engine is down, so we started a new one! In the comment section below THIS POST, tell us what you think!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


You can email your contest entries here: (Its my YouTube email)

Sooooooooo....... random short blog post if done. See y'all in the Spiral

Some Site Q&A

Hey all! I have some Questions here.

Hey! What's with all the hearts!? I thought it was a kewl black and white background.

Well, If you must know, they're being taken down the day after Valintine's Day, just a festive way of redecorating the site! -_-

I was wondering, your e-ma0il doesn't work! OMG! The Contest!?!?! :(

Well, the e-mail doesn't work unfortunaty, but anyway... the contest will go on! Just Comment on the main contset post down further, or comment on this! The rules on that post! grrr.... I need to fix that! well anway... I've been working on the story, and unfortunally, I downloaded IE9, it's EVIL! I can do a lot of stuff on this site the easy way, and my screen randomly turns blue then goes back to normal  IE9. Rarw... BUT Anyway...

 I'd like to say that on the Beta, they planned to release Free-for-all and the tournament system. I get that. I was just starting a topic to get into some of the newer players. It's no that bad. They still need to make that spiral map too! C'mon KI! Give the horse some water!

-Before I forget, A new game is coming to soon over at Xtras! Follow that and have fun!

Ohhhh, we can haz glitch? New theme? *groan * Aaron

IE9 Compatibility Issue
There is a known compatibility issue with the most recent IE9 release candidate. If you download and install IE9, you will not be able to run Wizard101. Please know we will address this issue soon, but until then we do not recommend you install IE9 if you wish to play Wizard101.
- Wizard101 login screen

So like the login screen says. DON'T DOWNLOAD INTERNET EXPLORER 9. Yet.


*groan* Aaron I love the idea but hearts? Honestly?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Now kids! Learn a life lesson today! *GROAN* QUIET CLASS! (Weekly "Stuff Episode 5)

So as an exuse
Random Self-Concious Teacher in My Head: *EXUSES ARE FOR FALURES!*
Anyway... I think it's time for a new contest huh!?!? New Poll?!?! New addition to the story!?!? HOW ABOUT A NEW CAR!
*Too Much is a bad thing Aaron!*
(Ignoring that) No but seriousally: A few new updates:
1. Poll Archives moved to the bottom of the page, as well as contact info
2. New Poll addded below blog archives, about main overall site 3. More of the Story has been added! Comments Please!
4. New Contest! Please Enter! Info below!
Now the POST TIME!
*O boy ...*
um... anyway...
Yeah... I need a new theme... OH WELL!
Rules: To try out our new e-mail which you can e-mail our question to, E-mail us at it. (In the contacts at bottom of page. I MAKE YOU WORK! HAHAH!
*Now be nice*
hphmm... fine.
e-mail us YOUR e-mail or central name, as well as an answer to each of these questions:
Do you like our Blog? Any ideas?
Do you have any "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" in game?
Where is the Rainbow Bridge? The main area please!
What school are you and do you like it?
What the high and low points of your school!
-Thats it! Prizes are a mystery until I get everything organized. Also, no due date as well, Still getting everything together!
On a final note,
*Already! geez*
I will now ignore that teacher noise (See what Flamea did to me!?!?!)
I found something interesting! Go check it out:
OMG! Tournement System? Free-For-All? WHEN!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sam and his faithful companion


If you look at Dustin's stats you'll see that Sam has more health then him. *Facepalm*
I really need to level Dustin up. He needs to reach Legendary. Before Sam that is.

In other news do you think I should try and solo Malistare's lair? Sam is just about to that part of the story.

And the winner is....

Thanks for everyone who voted in our first poll. I'll go get Sam's hydra re-named and post a picture like now

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Saga of the Forgotten Heroes

You may not have noticed it but we've added a new page to the stormed youth. Up there in the tool bar, right next to the Tips link is a new page Firezilla started called the Saga of the Forgotten Heroes. It's gonna be a story so check it out.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Test Realm is Online

Test Realm is Online
We've got new Celestia housing, Gardening updates, World Updates, Membership Updates, Crown Shop Updates and lots of Miscellaneous changes. Learn more here