Monday, April 25, 2011

Stormzilla's guide to navigating the streets with ease.

A quick guide to navigating the streets with ease:

In Marleybone: THERE ARE SIDEWALKS! SO STOP COMPLAINING! If you look close enough there are well-defined sidewalks. I think that the world of Marleybone is all one color, grey, so you don't really see the sidewalk unless you look for it.

If you're cocky enough you can walk down the middle of streets. I do not advise this but if you do here are some tips;

Go with the flow- if your walking down the middle of the street (Which I don't advise you do) I advise that you stay to one side and go the same direction as the enemies

Watch out for re-spawns- Enemies tend to re-spawn randomly and come out of nowhere, watch out for these because they've gotten me into many street fights before. I'm crossing the streets and randomly a really tough enemy re-spawns and pulls me into a battle. It stinks, its not really fair. But its life. Deal with it

Stay away from cracks in the road- This rule applies to Dragonspyre espically where there are quite a few cracks in the road like this one:
Enemies can very easily pull you into a battle while you skirting around the outside of one of these. Don't. Go. Near. These. Cross the road, do whatever you have to jut avoid these like the plague.

Well, there ya have it. A quick guide to navigating the streets with ease. Brought to you by Stormzilla. Enjoy :)

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