Saturday, January 1, 2011

The -Zillas of the Spiral! (Weekly Stuff Ep. 3)

Hey Guys! Since we here are VERY interested by the -zillas, I thought I should do a little post about them!


Origin: From Gift Cards (Best Buy)
Stats: Most give card Firezilla, However some variations give other cards, Like Dragonblade of Fireblade
More Info: Overall Great Spell! 4 Pips for a Stormzilla Level Power! Amazing. Some Variations of the Firezilla are great too! I have a Burnzilla, Gives me a Firezilla Card, +5 Resistance, and +2&% Fire Accuracy! It's an adult so... Great Spell! Great Pet!

Here's the Card too:



Origin: Hybrid of Ice Collosus and Wraith
Stats: Overall Great Pet! Gives you a Stormzilla Card! Super Ice abilities too! Awesome!
More Info: Super pet! Just read about, haven't seen one in game though... It's a Great Pet though! I'd love to get one! (If I could!)
Added Note: I just got done reading that before advanced Pets, It WAS a pet! Yay! Due to hatching now, it was retired and turned into a Hybrid Pet!
Stat Pics:
Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

Origin: Given to all Storm Wizards when they complete their level 48 Quest
Stats: Like all the other level 48 Pets - Great Stats and Abilities, Gives a Stormzilla! Plain. Awesome. Epic!
More Info: I think it's one of the best lvl. 48 Pets! Besides Wraith and Helephant! Love It! What more can I say!



Origin: Hybrid of Othurus and Stormzilla
Stats: Awesome! Great Myth Abilites and it's SO STYLIN'!
More Info: Sweet Lookin' pet! That's all I can say! I mean LOOK at it! Amazing! I'm just struck in Awe! I bet It's Stats aren't so bad either! It gives A stormzilla card as usual!



Origin: Hybrid of Saytr and Stormzilla
Stats: ... ... ... ...
More Info: Ingnore the Stats. I DON'T CARE! I mean LOOK at this craftminship of well designed beauty! ... ... ... ...



Origin: Hybrid of Wraith and Stormzilla
Stats: Awesome! Gives standard Stormzilla and Hybrid Stats!
More Info: Sweet! As you can see, It's my ICON! YES! Death and Zilla! Just like me! Well! It's a GREAT pet!



Origin: Hybrid of Stormzilla and Hydra
Stats: Gives One Stormzilla Card and Hybrid stats
More Info: /Yawn/ Kinda a PLAIN lookin fellow aren't you? Well, It's pretty cool I Guess ...



Click the image to open in full size.

Origin: Hybrid of Helephant and Stormzilla
Stats: Normal Stormzilla Card and Hybrid Stats
More Info: An Upgraded version of Firezilla, AND IT'S AWESOME!


I think thats about it! Here's on last thing:


Um ... lol, that MIGHT be kinda strange ...


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