Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some tricky Mooshu stuff and My stupid questions

Firstly: Some tricky Mooshu stuff:

The spirit portal in the Ancient Burial Grounds:

This gets a lot of people messed up (as I found when I helped some people get through it earlier today). First things first: YOU MUST LIGHT THE CANDLES. Yes, not many people figure that out until they think about it in bed and are like "In the name of Merle Abrose! I know how to get into the portal!" Then you run upstairs to the computer only to find your older sister on Facebook and not planning to get off anytime s
oon...... So I'll spare you the disappointment and let you
in on the candles secret.
(Theres another candle off to my right)

Also: Its on a timer. For 1 minute the entrance to the Spirit world is open then it closes. Yeah I really don't get why but it is either but...............

Says the cow ..............

Yeah, jerk of a cow says we're a waste. Says the cow that just got helped by a LIVING person.

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