Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey Peoples! My Garden Is Enough!

Here's a Quick Topic for you to comment on: Why do they make our gardening spells so energy using! I can't even train pets from pests and needs! I hate it! oh well, Tell me what you think!

*UPDATE BY STORMZILLA: Aaron Starheart and Heather Raven have mentioned a good plan. Switch your pets to your alts, they uped the energy on lower level characters so, for example, my level 40 alt has 60 energy. Thats more then enough to train a pet to adult if you have the snacks. (Trust me, I trained a pet to Adult in about an hour, with the right kind of snacks it can be done).
When they reach the desired the pet level then you can transfer them back to your main. (Best to do this when your main has lower energy so its not too much of a waste). END OF UPDATE BY STORMZILLA*


  1. one thing i found out as a level 3 gardener you can just have a small garden and then still be able to pet train every day and i got my pet up to ancient in two weeks by doing this. and got to level three in gardening

  2. Yeah I agree with Aaron. With a small enough garden, you can train and garden. But I've switched over to pet training on my alts. Its a lot easier to do now that we've got the shared snack bank.

  3. Heather is right, here's to you could switch your pets to your alts then train them there and then switch back them to your main it might cost a little energy so it migot be the best plan but it could workht n


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