Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Weekly Stuff" : My Thoughts on Gardening... (Episode 2)

Hey Guys! This is gonna be a long post so sit down!

My Thoughts On Gardening
By Firezilla

     Gardening I thought was jumping the shark a little. I mean, we didn't see it coming and sure enough it's awesome, but next time they should give us a hint. In this review i'm going to write about all the pros and cons of gardening, as well as sharing some more "Side Quest Entertainment" or i'll abbreviate  it as SQE. So the Pros: Gardening is a fun way to spend your time at you home, besides placing furniture or picking up pets. Gardening is so fun and is a great way! Cons: Wasting energy! Pets and Gardening, On small and irritating globe! Grrrrr! I get so mad at it. Idea time! We should be able to cook! Like mix together pet snacks and make new complex ones! NOT USING ENERGY, that or there should be a faster rate of getting back energy, or maybe green wisps! something like that would be awesome! 
     Also keep checking the other pages, as they will regularly be updated!


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