Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just because

Hey all!

I REALLY want to show you some pictures of Dustin and his little brother Seth Winterblood (Storm) but I STILL cant find the stupid 'add picture' button. (Side note for Aaron, eMail me a picture of this stinking button!)

Anyway, just because I can. I'll share a little part of a story I'm writing

Zane looked down the street.
"And we're going to battle these guys why?" He asked his friend Jake who was standing beside him.
"Cause that guy over there just asked us to. So get into the battle and dont be a baby!" Jake exclaimed giving Zane a little push into the street. Immeditly a Lost Soul ran into Zane and pulled him into battle.
"Gaah!" Zane yelled as he got pulled in. Jake joined soon after and the boys let off 2 imps that knocked the Lost Souls out cold and the boys were able to exit the battle.

Want more? Do you have a title idea for this little writing? Anything I can fix? Comment! (English please, I'll get Aaron to set comments to show in English soon) But thats all for now folks! Have a great time in-game! See ya there

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