Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey guys: Here's the throw-down:

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Cool Pics! [Episode 1]

Hey Guys! Here to share some cool pics! You can save'm if you want!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

In this picture I've circled the locations of the 4 main bosses in Mooshu (The Oni's, War Oni, Death Oni, Jade Oni, and Plague Oni)
I must say, these guys have Mooshu surrounded.

Also, I didn't think trolls were this smart

"Weekly Stuff" : My Thoughts on Gardening... (Episode 2)

Hey Guys! This is gonna be a long post so sit down!

My Thoughts On Gardening
By Firezilla

     Gardening I thought was jumping the shark a little. I mean, we didn't see it coming and sure enough it's awesome, but next time they should give us a hint. In this review i'm going to write about all the pros and cons of gardening, as well as sharing some more "Side Quest Entertainment" or i'll abbreviate  it as SQE. So the Pros: Gardening is a fun way to spend your time at you home, besides placing furniture or picking up pets. Gardening is so fun and is a great way! Cons: Wasting energy! Pets and Gardening, On small and irritating globe! Grrrrr! I get so mad at it. Idea time! We should be able to cook! Like mix together pet snacks and make new complex ones! NOT USING ENERGY, that or there should be a faster rate of getting back energy, or maybe green wisps! something like that would be awesome! 
     Also keep checking the other pages, as they will regularly be updated!


Mooshu, The Tests of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Test of Mind
Test of Mind
Test of Body
Test of Spirit

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stormed Youth Update

The Stormed Youth has made a new update regarding neat and professional creativity with these new features:

  1. The all new Prezi Page is an interactive page which allows you to drag and scroll to veiw cool pics, news and more!
  2. The "No tiltle Link" Error has been fixed, so now click on the tile to veiw the comments, however the ____ Comments error is still in effect!
  3. Overall Server has been updated


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Test Relm Open!

Here's a post over at the friendly necromancer:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, Yes, it's all true: Gardening on the Test Realm!

Go try it out my friends! Though the test realm patcher says it's offline, it's not! It still loads and you can press play.

The first thing you'll notice if you're over 12th level, Moolinda Wu is all excited to chat with you.

Why? She wants to get you started down the path of gardening, which is a brand new system expansion for Wizard101.

I had to laugh yesterday when the news broke over Twitter because I had just been writing about this "super secret" new expansion just last week. LOL! I was thinking this wouldn't hit the streets for at least another month. Nope.

As you get going here, you'll notice that perhaps this wasn't quite ready for the test realm just yet.

I'm titling this one, "White Bubbles with Arrow Swords Poking Random Information." It's a work of art.

What's supposed to be in those bubbles isn't too hard to figure out.

Top line = Type of plant

Reward line = How good of a reward you get from your plant.

Challenge line = How difficult it is to grow your plant.

Likes = Put it by this to make it grow better.

Dislikes = Don't put it by this.

Level = Level of gardener you have to be to grow it.

. . . you get the idea . . . I'm not going to spoil some things just because I had advanced knowledge.

Take a look over on the right hand bar at the Bloggers club to see all the buzz from the Wizard101 blogosphere. TONS of cool info there. Tipa's got a good post up (to answer her final question, no). This update was practically hand made for Paige. :-) I do believe Amber was the first to blog about it.

Also be sure to check the Wizard101 Central Test Realm forum for information. Lots of good stuff going on there.

The big hidden update that goes along with this is CELESTIA FURNITURE! Be sure to run back to Otto and Gearwise here in the Celestia Base Camp and check out all the new stuff you can craft and buy. :-)

That should make a lot of people happy. :-)

Happy Dueling!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An update on Dustin

Since Firezilla did an update on his character (Which I just helped through Katz Lab) I'm gonna do an update on my main character.

This is Dustin's early Celestia outfit
Here are his stats-

And here he is halfway through a wall-

A Glimpse of Celestia

Just some random screenshots. As you can see in the one right above this we're fighting aliens.
Just a random update, don't expect anything big but i do have one announcement....... THE STORMED YOUTH IS HAVING A CONTEST..... Details in a later post

Eat Voltage! *Stormzilla*

Monday, November 15, 2010

An Update on Aaron

Lately I've been adding and updating, however my level has shot up! Here's my new Late Marleybone Outfit:

Also here's my main stats-


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly "Stuff" Episode 1

Here's 2 Picures and 1 Idea:

Hre's the new Commemerative Statue Stormzilla was speaking of:

Next up, My Famous and growing JAR COLLECTION!

(Let me point out my Brain Jar, Eye Jar, and Jar of BAT WINGS!)

Idea Time!

What if you could cast your teacher into battle to attack or heal?


Friday, November 12, 2010

Eat Voltage!!!!

My storm wizard, Seth Winterblood, just did the storm quest for his storm prism spell.
It was a pretty cool quest and i got a few screen shots.
Or maybe I only got one. For those of you who haven't done the storm level 7 quest it goes a little something like this.
Halston Balston is like "The library dude needs a Lyden jar for his reserch. Go talk to lady Oriel in the hedge maze to get some copper for the lining" So you go there and she's like "Ok here" so you go talk to Halston and he tells you to go talk with Torrence and charge it up. So Torrence charges your jar and you go deliver it to the library dude and he's like "Go outside and charge it up!" so you do and the snake comes up like in the picture above.

So thats the storm level 7 spell quest in kids terms!

Eat Voltage!



Sup all, A very sad Stormzilla here cause I just found out I have to sleep on a small section of couch all weekend. Anyway, I just noticed that the commeretive statue is interactive! Could this be the first step t-words interactive furniture? Interactive furniture would be like being able to actually sit down in a chair, laying down on the bed, maybe starting a fireplace. Is this the beginning? LOLZ probably not but still! It's a fun and good thought don't ya think?

This is Stormzilla saying EAT VOLTAGE! And good night.
With my Random Update of the day. I'm leaving to go eat pizza. BYE Y'ALL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pets Pets and more Pets!!!!

Hi all!

Well I found out why I couldn't upload pictures. I was using an outdated web browser!! LOL

Now that I found my error I'll show you some awesome pictures
of my new pets and their stats. Now when you see Leo, My Wraith, has manifested (Gotten) the pet talent, Pip's O' Plenty. That is like the best talent, After Spritely of course! But still! It's better then Aarons!

Just because

Hey all!

I REALLY want to show you some pictures of Dustin and his little brother Seth Winterblood (Storm) but I STILL cant find the stupid 'add picture' button. (Side note for Aaron, eMail me a picture of this stinking button!)

Anyway, just because I can. I'll share a little part of a story I'm writing

Zane looked down the street.
"And we're going to battle these guys why?" He asked his friend Jake who was standing beside him.
"Cause that guy over there just asked us to. So get into the battle and dont be a baby!" Jake exclaimed giving Zane a little push into the street. Immeditly a Lost Soul ran into Zane and pulled him into battle.
"Gaah!" Zane yelled as he got pulled in. Jake joined soon after and the boys let off 2 imps that knocked the Lost Souls out cold and the boys were able to exit the battle.

Want more? Do you have a title idea for this little writing? Anything I can fix? Comment! (English please, I'll get Aaron to set comments to show in English soon) But thats all for now folks! Have a great time in-game! See ya there

"Tacotodo renrio renfro"

Hey Guys! My Secondary, Kenneth, has done an amazing quest!

ALSO! I got Myth Trap, Troll Minion, AND Weakness! What a Day for my secondary!

P.S. I Updated My Page to add Kenneth!

(Woundn't THAT be awesome!)

ADDED BY STORMZILLA: Wouldn't it make more sence for the myth minion you summon to be a Troll? Just tinking. END OF ADDED BY STORMZILLA

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wizard101 Extended Maintenance

Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight from 3am to 6am Central US Time*. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.

Additions are not being made to the game, but we are performing hardware upgrades that should improve the game experience for all our players.

* This downtime may be extended without prior notification.

Firezilla to ADULT!

Here's the snaps:


I AM SORRY (Plus other news)

Hey all! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO (ECT.) SORRY ABOUT MY ABSENCE FROM THE BLOG. Moving and school and band have me busy 85% of the time. BUT I am dedicating the last 15% of my time to YOU! Happy Aaron?


So here is the in-depth version:

I MADE GRANDMASTER!!!! TAKE THAT AARON (Firezilla)!!!!!!! Ok i'm done being happy now I'll tell you more. My first Grandmaster is a Necromancer named Dustin Griffinflame. He is currently questing in the Grotto (Celestia) amd is taking lots of pictures! Pictures coming soon!!!

Also my awesome Firezilla (Jake) got up to ancient!! I'd upload a picture but i cant find the picture button on the updated blogger. :-( Really wish you guys could see him. He's AWESOME, plus he has a really cool dance!!!

So other then that, Celestia came out (Which you probable knew already) But let me be the first to bust your bubble of Celestian Happy-Ness. THE DIFICULTY JUMP FROM DRAGONSPYRE TO CELESTIA IS CRAZY!!! It's insane! So all my soon-to-be grandmaster friends, GET A QUESTING BUDDY!

Well I thats it FOR NOW. This is teh Stormed Youth saying, TAKE THAT AARON! And goodnight. BYE Y'ALL

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey guys! For a while, Stormzilla has been off, So have I! So in order to get more people to our site, AND to share our blog!


If you would like to be one of our Contributers, Send us a PM, or go to and send a message to Malistaire's Chosen!


New Cards

Hey, here's a quick one! I got a new amulet and a new 2 month subscription and and EPIC BUNDLE CARD!