Thursday, July 8, 2010


Storm here and i'm super happy/hyper
do ya wanna know why?
3:00 to 6:00 am cetral time now this might not mean Celestia but it means we're getting closer and its JUST MAYBE might mean the crafted Grizzleheim house, Hatching price reduced, AND the prequest line to Celestia.

The Prequest line to Celestia is diffucult and you may be able to opt out of doing it all (I dont know about you but i'm doing I might need the xp and all) but basicly headcase Ambrose sends you to this warehouse in Marleybone which is like another Briskbreeze which means a lot of people opting out of the prequest line. When you get to the end of this mysterious warehouse you recive a transmition from an old radio which if decoded says something about Celestia the evil spider queen Morganthe and this dude Thurson Pickett this spiral geography society this ending words are "Help we dont have much time she is coming Mor............

sounds awesome right?

Storm out. keep on bustin shields

Friday, July 2, 2010

Inside Story: Scoop by Cody Skyrider


YAY! - scoop by Cody Skyrider

The shadow weavers wanted Celestia to themselves. The shadow weavers invaded as the Celestians fought back. After a while the Celestians realised they would lose. They summoned a titan to help them combat the shadow weavers. The titan betrayed the Celestians and the Celestians plunged in to the waves with the shadow weavers.

They tried to build domes to protect them, but failed... the Celestian race sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Thousands of years later brave explorers from Marley bone set out to find Celestia. they seceded and built domes for research the Celestian palaces. They soon discovered a new race was living in Celestia. And that shadow weavers had come with the explorers! Headmaster Ambrose sends you on a mission to find the secrets of Celestia and save the explorers.

More news- The explorers say on the omni-audio-graph that they are trapped in time and the umbra queen had returned. Its the work of Morganthe the queen of the shadow weavers. Halestrom Balestrom sends you on a mission to translate that message and find the spiral key. After defeat Easricker and General Stormclaw, a crustacean warrior, you will find a broken spiral key. You need to find out if it is beyond repair or can be used once again. Halestrom Balestrom says he can repair it but it will take time ...

New Doodle Concept of the Month!

A New Concept of the month is out! Here it is:

Let Me Point out some thingas:

SHEEB: ???? A Random Banshee That Helps young Death Wizards to Fight!

Custom Purple Computer Doodle: The New MiniIcon for The Stormed Youth!

Peru Icon: Firezilla's Sig!

Doodles!:  A Doodle Theme this month!